Doing a Video Presentation? Here Are Some Tips from an Experienced Transcription Provider

by | Published on Dec 24, 2021 | Conference Transcription

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Doing a Video Presentation? Here Are Some Tips from an Experienced Transcription Provider

Unlike PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) and images, videos can tell great stories that greatly influence people. Most businesses use video as a successful marketing tool. As an experienced business transcription company providing reliable video transcription services, we’ve assisted many businesses in transcribing their video and audio recordings into accurate transcripts. Transcripts can make the content more accessible for users.

Let us check out the different types of video presentations and certain key tips to present them in an effective way.

Sales videos

Sales videos aim at encouraging your customers to purchase the product. So, make sure it aligns with your audience’s needs and highlights your value proposition. Such videos are great tools to introduce your brand and its upcoming products. It can even simplify complex information and get the buyer’s journey moving toward the end of the funnel.

  • 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales (Optin Monster)
  • 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads (Biteable)

To make your videos outstanding, consider –

  • highlighting your service or product benefits
  • focusing on order and organization
  • following a logical sequence
  • adding captions, voiceovers, and music
  • integrating visuals and clips well to videos

Feature customer reviews and interviews on how your product or service helped them. You can also consider recording live sales presentations and sharing those videos with your prospects once the meeting ends, which encourages sharing the video with others. Also, provide a report on competitors’ analysis and offer clear reasons on why your product is a winning option to choose.

Investor pitching

Video pitching is an effective way to connect with investors for your business. Interactive videos help build a personal connection with investors even before meeting them. Find ways to present business plans in an engaging, easy-to-understand, and appealing manner to convince the investor.

To attract investors’ attention,

  • make the video short –i.e. between three to five minutes
  • start with an interesting story to grab the viewer’s attention
  • discuss the issue your business is trying to solve
  • let them know why you need to raise money
  • ask for funding in a compelling way

Employee training

To stay competitive, it is critical for businesses to train their staff regularly with new products or any updates in the industry. The Human Resource department can consider sharing video presentations for the team to stay updated. Invest in creating effective training videos that can help engage your staff and make it easier for your organization to reach business goals. Proper training also motivates them to work better and stay current.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating employee training videos:

  • include step-by-step instructions in using any new software or apps
  • include creative ideas in your video to help it stand out
  • include company information and add a welcome video for new employees
  • convey the company’s mission and make the new staff feel excited to work for you
  • include how-to videos to make your staff comfortable with the latest technology and tools


Demo presentations are effective tools to let your clients, investors or potential customers understand how beneficial it would be to invest in your company or product. Most brands, especially in the eCommerce sector, are investing in product demo video presentations to increase sales and reduce the number of returns.

Here are some tips for great product demo video presentations:

  • Prepare a presentation script that has a consistent flow
  • Identify the target audience and provide content accordingly
  • Discuss the key features of the product
  • Showcase how-to-use images and videos
  • Never share confidential messages on screen
  • Finally, thank the audience for their time in the follow-up message


Informative videos are meant to educate your audience on certain topics, mainly related to your project or brand. You can include shareable, instructive as well as educational content.

Some general video presentation tips you can’t ignore:

  • Make sure that the video format and design matches the overall tone and message
  • Choose the right video types based on your specific business requirement
  • Begin with a bold statement to capture your audience’s attention
  • Include an interesting story to get your audience’s attention
  • Make it interesting with Q & A sessions and by asking questions
  • Add some humorous memes to make your audience laugh
  • Combine relevant visuals with your message
  • Add music to enhance emotions in video presentations
  • Include animations and motion graphics to catch the viewer’s instant attention
  • Focus on ensuring clear audio and use quality recording equipment

Video presentations can strengthen your business marketing strategies. It can successfully engage your target audience. It is also a great tool for teaching and education. However, make sure to include transcripts for the audio or video recordings you post, as it is important to make your content easily accessible for viewers as well as search engines. Professional video transcription service providers can assist in generating highly accurate transcripts of your videos.


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