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Transcripts of lectures can serve as reference files at all levels of learning. These transcripts also allow people with hearing disabilities to see the text of the presentation. MOS Legal Transcription Service, a leading legal transcription services provider based in Tulsa, Oklahoma can help you with all your lecture transcription requirements. We are experienced in providing reliable documentation services for professors, universities, educational institutions, schools and other educational centers.

Our certified transcriptionists are highly knowledgeable and well-versed in the style and terminology associated with not just academic but also conference, business or other kind of teaching. They can also understand a variety of accents.

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Accurate Academic Transcripts

Our expert team can provide real reports in quick turnaround time. We can transcribe:
  • Question & answer sessions
  • Classroom lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Keynotes
  • Training hall lectures
  • Workshops
  • Media events
  • Conferences

We also transcribe podcasts and webcasts. We accept your files in any audio or video format such as digital audio and video, CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG, MOV, AVI, audio tape, micro cassettes and mini discs.

We deliver reports in four different styles: verbatim (include utterances, exclamations, external noises and slang), smooth verbatim (leaves out utterances, but includes slang and emotions), content (sums up discussions) and rough draft (rough style).

Why Choose Us?

  • Stringent security measures for data safety and confidentiality
  • Competitive pricing where you can save 30 to 40% on total costs
  • Three level quality checks
  • Delivery in quick/customized turnaround time (24 hours to less)
  • Choice of FTP or secure 256 bit AES encryption for file transfer
  • No charge for headers, footers, underlining, and bolding

    Whether you need transcription for the dissertation, or need academic transcription services, we have the support you need.

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