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MOS Verbatim Transcription Services for Accurate Capture of Your Recordings

Typing out every word and sound in a recording, especially for court recordings, can provide a deeper understanding and insight regarding what was going on in a respondent’s mind when he/she was answering a question. MOS Legal Transcription Service, a reliable legal transcription company in the U.S., is experienced in providing quality verbatim transcription services for audio as well as video content.

Verbatim transcription is a meticulous process that involves capturing every spoken word, filler, false start, and non-verbal communication in an audio or video file. At MOS Transcription Company, we specialize in delivering accurate and clean verbatim transcriptions tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience in the industry, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality transcripts within a quick turnaround time.

We make sure to capture every word and sound as they are spoken, representing the live conversation or speech exactly as it happened.

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Accurate Reproduction of Verbal Data

Our transcription team provides high quality word to word transcripts of appeals, cross examinations, court proceedings, interviews, legal judgments and arguments, police station interrogation, police interviews, seminars, speeches, telephone interviews, TV/radio interviews, and wiretap files in a timely manner.

While transcribing, they pay attention to:

  • Response tokens such as “hm”, “ok”, “ah”, “mmh”, “yeah”, “um”, and “uh” that provide a great deal of insight into both the nature of conversation and its informative content.
  • Involuntary vocalizations such as coughing, sneezing, burping, sniffing, laughing and crying. Background noises, such as sirens and the phone ringing, also belong to this category.
  • Non-verbal communication including actions, activities, and interactions of all the participants involved.
  • Pronunciation and irregular grammar that are essential parts of records.

Based on your legal documentation requirements, we also provide intelligent verbatim transcripts, where fillers, ambient sounds and non-verbal communications are edited out. Generally authors, journalists, and bloggers prefer this transcription method.

Digital Transcription Services
We have in place state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard all data entrusted to us – password protected computers, regularly updated firewall and antivirus software and monthly back-ups of computer systems. Our entire workforce is trained and monitored on privacy, security, and confidentiality.

Benefits of Verbatim Transcription Services

  • 99% Accuracy: Ensure precise and error-free transcripts for legal documentation, interviews, seminars, and more.
  • Free Trial: Experience the quality of our services with a complimentary trial before committing.
  • Human Transcription: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced transcriptionists who pay attention to every minute detail.
  • Secure File Transfer: We safeguard your data with secure file transfer options and state-of-the-art security measures.
  • Customized Turnaround Times: Enjoy personalized turnaround times to meet your specific deadlines and requirements.

Our Service Highlights

  • Convenient dictation methods – digital recorder, toll free number, secure cell phone dictation and conference call recording
  • Affordable pricing with 30 to 40% guaranteed cost savings
  • Secure file transfer options – browser-based drop box, secure FTP, or other robust software systems
  • Customized turnaround times – personalized TAT and STAT


Our Process

Our process begins with recording audio, ensuring that every word and sound is captured as it is spoken, providing a true representation of the live conversation or speech. Alternatively, you can also send us your recordings. The transcription phase involves our experienced team meticulously transcribing appeals, court proceedings, interviews, and more, paying attention to response tokens, involuntary vocalizations, non-verbal communication, and irregular grammar. Quality control measures are then implemented to verify accuracy and address any mistakes. Finally, the transcripts are securely transferred or uploaded using convenient methods such as browser-based drop box or secure FTP, ensuring safe delivery of the documents.

Verbatim Transcription Process
  • Recording Audio: Capturing every word and sound as they are spoken, providing a true representation of live conversations. If you are sending us the recordings you have made, we will download it via a secure server.
  • Transcription: Meticulously transcribing legal proceedings, interviews, and more, paying attention to nuances such as response tokens and non-verbal communication.
  • Quality Control: Implementing rigorous quality control measures to verify accuracy and address any mistakes in the transcripts.
  • Transferring or Uploading Files: Securely transferring or uploading transcripts using convenient methods such as browser-based drop box or secure FTP, ensuring safe and confidential delivery.

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What is verbatim transcription?
Word-for-word transcription of audio and video files is known as verbatim transcription. This covers everything said by the speaker, including any filler words, grammatical mistakes, false starts, and, in certain situations, even non-verbal cues.
Who needs verbatim transcription?
Verbatim transcription services are widely employed in legal, medical, academic, and research settings where comprehensive and accurate documentation is critical.
Are clients allowed to specify the layout and formatting that they want for their verbatim transcripts?
Yes, clients can specify the layout and formatting for their verbatim transcripts, including margins, font size and type, and more.
Why should I hire an expert to do verbatim transcription?
To achieve a real, trustworthy transcription that maintains every word of the original content, it is strongly advised that you engage a skilled professional transcriptionist. Automatic transcription software may create mistakes, omissions, and erroneous renderings that would ruin the final document’s clarity and quality.

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