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Wire Tap

Wire tap recordings constitute important evidence for most criminal cases. Wiretap act permits law enforcement agencies to record telephone and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) conversations to gather evidence related to an extensive list of crimes specifically identified in the statute. These wire taps need to be transcribed from their recorded formats to use the information for any legal case. MOS Legal Transcription Service is a leading legal transcription company in the United States, offering wire tap transcription services for legal professionals looking to improve their operations and bottom line.

Realizing the sensitive nature of the recordings, our experienced team ensures that nothing is missed or mis-stated such as commas, quotes, periods, colons and other punctuation marks. Our clients include law firms, paralegals, individual attorneys, judges and lawyers.

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Reliable Transcription Services

With expertise in legal dialects, accents and relevant terminologies, our quality assurance team re-verify, proofread, review and correct each transcript to ensure 99% accuracy.

We provide accurate transcripts for:

  • Wiretapped recorded telephone conversations
  • E-mail communications
  • Mobile messages of a claim
  • Suspect/witness interviews
Our convenient dictation options include digital dictation machines, toll free telephone number, secure mobile phones and conference call recordings.

With our services, you can be free of your transcription workload as well as the cost of recruiting and hiring reliable transcriptionists. Whatever be your transcription requirement, we provide outstanding output, ensuring security and confidentiality for all transcripts.

Our Service Highlights

  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • 3 levels of quality assurance
  • Transfer of files through FTP and browser-based 256 bit AES encryption protocol
  • Electronic signature capabilities
  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • Competitive pricing 30 to 40% below operational rates

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