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Get accurate and timely legal transcription services! We provide customized solutions in fast turnaround time with compromising on quality. We have extensive experience creating legal documents from audio and video recordings pertaining to all legal fields – from personal injury, Workmen’s Compensation to family law.

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With our professional approach and commitment to quality, we help lawyers and other legal professionals to meet their challenging transcription requirements. Our capabilities include transcription of recorded court proceedings and real-time transcription.

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Our team has experience working with clients from different industries across the globe. From academic transcription, research interviews, podcasts and radio talk shows to technical audio recordings, we can handle it all – within the specified time.

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We provide high-quality transcription solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Our business transcription services can improve collaboration and workflow in your office. Enjoy cost savings of 30 – 40%!

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MOS Legal Transcription Service

Partner with the leading legal transcription service provider in the U.S. and improve your productivity!

The importance of accurate and timely legal transcription services cannot be overstated. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service has years of experience in the field and can ensure accurate documentation of video or audio recordings of legal proceedings and interactions such as conference calls, legal meetings, interrogations, witness interviews, pleadings, depositions, and more.

Partnering with our legal transcription company will ensure that you have more time to focus on your key competencies, and improve your efficiency and productivity.

Our solutions are designed to combine quick turnaround times with quality and accuracy.

Save 30-40% of your costs!

Mos Transcription

Save 30-40% of your costs!

Our solutions are designed to combine quick turnaround times with quality and accuracy.

Superior Transcription Solutions for All Sectors

We have a team of experienced transcriptionists with in-depth knowledge of legal, business and technical terminologies pertaining to different sectors. They work with the latest technologies to deliver secure, customized solutions for each client in quick turnaround time.

We also provide business transcription services for a wide range of clients:

  • academicians
  • attorneys
  • court recording agencies
  • court reporters
  • financial companies
  • management consultants
  • insurance firms
  • law firms
  • lecturers
  • media entities
  • professors
  • focus groups
  • students
  • researchers
  • solicitors
  • teaching assistants



"MOS Legal Transcription Service has been a great help to my legal practice. They have consistently been on time and within budget. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of legal transcriptions they have delivered us."

"Outstanding! MOS Legal Transcription Service has done a wonderful job at transcribing the most complex legal documents. We are happy with the quality and accuracy of the transcribed files. We will definitely use your services again and happily recommend your firm to others without hesitation."

"We had tried two other companies to perform legal transcription work, but neither of them had given such excellent attention to detail as yours! We are more than delighted with your staff and company."


Reliable Digital Transcription Services<br />

Reliable Digital Transcription Services for Legal Professionals

We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated legal transcriptionists to provide accurate legal transcription services to meet your deadlines. They are experts in transcribing multiple-voice recordings. We can provide high-quality transcripts for audio and video recordings of the following:

  • Court Proceedings
  • Public Hearings
  • Investigations and Pleadings
  • Memorandums
  • Depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Administrative Hearings / Interviews
  • Employment Hearings
  • Letters, Memos, Correspondence
  • Telephone Recordings
  • Police Reports
  • Conferences


Our audio transcription services come with the guarantee of quality derived from years of proven expertise. We can handle transcription of all types of audio and video recordings.

We provide academic transcription services for students, academicians, teaching assistants, researchers, professors and focus groups. We handle audio to text, and text to text transcription to meet your unique academic requirements!

Conference Call
Just record your Zoom meetings or Webex meetings, audio or video conference calls and send them to us. We will deliver accurately transcribed documents within the set time period, at reasonable rates.
We have a team specialized in providing transcription for various business sectors. Leave your transcription tasks to us and increase productivity by focusing on your core tasks. Enjoy cost savings too!
We provide interview transcription services for production houses, media agencies, educational institutions, research companies, post-production studios, and researchers. Contact us for a Free Trial!

Our media transcription service covers the entire spectrum of audio-visual media content. Whether it is a TV show, news program, or interview that you need transcribed, we can provide accurate transcripts.

Get a Free Trial of our Legal Transcription Services

We are available at (800) 670-2809 to support you.

  • You can dictate confidentially using our toll-free dictation facility or a digital recording device
  • We can meet your most demanding deadlines – STAT or immediate requirements to 5 days
  • We can customize turnaround times (anywhere from 24 hours or less)
  • Our skilled transcriptionists listen to the audio files or view video files of legal proceedings and then transcribe the content accurately
  • We provide highly accurate transcripts in the required format
  • Our stringent security measures ensure that your sensitive information is safe
  • Benefit from transparent pricing with no hidden costs – enjoy savings of up to 30-40% on your costs

No up-front costs! No service commitments

Key Features

  • 3 Levels of Quality
  • Accuracy Level of 99%
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Digital Recorder Dictation
  • Toll Free Phone Dictation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Feeds for EHR or EPM
  • Legal Areas Covered
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Transcription Management Software
  • Volume Rates Available

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