How to Easily Convert Audio to Text

by | Published on May 21, 2024 | Audio Transcription, Transcription Services

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Options to Convert Audio to Text

Transforming audio to text enhances access to the content. Whether you’re a student taking lecture notes or just someone who needs to convert audio files to text for personal or business purposes, transcription is a valuable skill. Converting spoken words into accurate written text can save time, improve communication, and increase productivity. Advanced speech-to-text technologies and audio transcription services have simplified the task of creating written text from audio recordings. This blog post discusses the benefits of audio transcription and the various options available.

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Benefits of Audio Transcription

Written transcripts improve accessibility and can be shared, referenced, and repurposed for various purposes. Importantly, transcripts enhance the content’s reach by making it accessible to people who are hard of hearing or cannot listen to audio recordings.

Transcripts allow you to create new content without starting from scratch or repurpose the content for different platforms. For example, if you’re a marketing professional, you can repurpose the transcripts to create blog posts, whitepapers, or social media updates. You can extract key quotes to include in your social media posts or use the transcripts to generate captions or subtitles for marketing videos. Also, search engines index and crawl text, improving online visibility and ranking.

For students, transcribing lecture recordings transforms them into text documents for later reference. This can strengthen understanding and help in recalling key points.

Written transcripts can be easily edited and shared. This capability is especially valuable for podcasters. They can fix errors, clarify points, or restructure the text content to improve the flow and coherence of the episode. Written transcripts can also be shared with guests or collaborators, allowing for further improvement.

Options for Quick and Efficient Conversion of Speech to Text

Options Convert Audio to Text

Transcribing audio content requires listening to the recording and typing out the spoken words correctly. Doing this manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The good news is that there are two options: automated speech-to-text tools and professional transcription services.

AI-powered Speech to Text Tools

Advanced-powered audio transcription tools are a game changer, providing high-quality transcription in fast turnaround time. They utilize advanced algorithms that recognize speech patterns, dialects, and accents, meeting the demand for quick and efficient conversion of audio and video recordings.

If you are doing your own transcription, here are 5 top tools to choose from: offers real-time automatic transcription services. Whether you need to write live lecture notes or you want to a transcript of your online meeting, integrates with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex and can provide real-time streaming transcripts of your sessions. The software also allows you to import recorded audio or video files and get them transcribed in minutes.’s ccollaborative features allow for group highlighting, commenting, and photo addition to shared live notes, enhancing productivity and collaboration.


Temi is a simple, user-friendly tool. It transcribes audio and video files, allows you to make edits, and then downloads the transcript to your device. In addition to basic interface and features, Temi also offers a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS. These apps are free to download and record voice memos, meetings, and lectures, which can then be converted into written text in minutes. Temi will automatically start the transcription process as soon as you upload a new audio or video file. The tool will send the transcripts with timestamps and speakers to you via email.


Trint claims that its AI transcription services can transcribe in over 40 different languages with up to 99% accuracy. This tool allows you to verify, edit, playback and search transcripts just like a text doc. Trint has excellent editorial tools that you can use to create articles and scripts by extracting quotes from multiple transcripts. It supports and simplifies team collaboration in real time with highlight and comment tools.


Sonix offers transcript editing and word-by-word timestamps. Basic features like Highlight, Speaker identification, and Custom dictionary) are aimed at improving transcription accuracy. The personalized Sonix editor makes editing easy with various custom options, interface, and text options, such as auto-pasting while typing, auto-saving edited transcript, and smart capitalization. You can export your transcripts in DOCX, TXT, and PDF and export subtitles in SRT and VTT formats. Pricing is higher than other AI tools. So, if you are considering the Sonix transcription tool, makes sure you will benefit from its advanced technical capabilities like supported platforms, categories, and integrations.


This cost-effective AI-based audio transcription tool works on manual as well as automated transcription. Scribie’s browser-based editor allows you to quickly verify the transcript and make changes. It offers a 4-step transcription designed to a 99+ accuracy rate consistently. Files are first split into small parts and typed by our certified transcribers. Reviewers them verify the parts, adding speaker tracking and time-codes. The parts are then collated and proofread for consistency and accuracy. Finally, transcript accuracy is assessed till 99+ accuracy is achieved.

Audio Transcription Services

While automated transcription tools can provide transcripts much faster, they can struggle with accents and industry-specific words, compromising accuracy. Delegating the task to an audio transcription company with experienced human transcriptionists is the best way to ensure accuracy. Experts will review your machine-generated transcripts and put them through multi-level quality checks to ensure error-free documentation. They can also meet stringent deadlines, enabling you to complete your project within the scheduled time.

Paying attention to certain factors can help you choose the transcription tool. Accuracy is paramount. Pricing is also important. Partnering with a professional transcription service is a cost-effective way to convert audio to error-free text in fast turnaround time.

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