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Interrogations are conducted by law enforcement officials in an effort to seek confessions and develop details about crimes. Electronic recordings of these interrogations should be converted to clear reports to serve as clear evidence in criminal cases. The detailed interrogation reports include sketches, organizational charts, maps, and transcripts. Headquartered in Oklahoma and with offshore solution centers in India, MOS Legal Transcription Service offers cost-effective interrogations transcription services for law firms and other legal entities across the US.

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Accurate Interrogation Transcripts

Our team of qualified transcriptionists is proficient in legal terms and complex legal terminologies. They are extensively trained in providing transcription services for


Police interrogations

Basic questions and answers and official statement at the beginning and the end


Confessions and statements
Custodial interrogations,
warnings and requests


Courtroom interrogations
Presentation of oral testimony, cross-examination, refreshing a witness’s recollection, offering evidence and case overviews
Our interrogation transcripts are highly reliable and accurate. The MOS team has experience in handling transcription challenges such as foreign accents, high-speed dictation, legal jargon, abbreviations, background noise and other impediments.

Send us the files you want transcribed in any file format. We accept audio recordings in digital formats (.dss, .wav, .mp3), and even on CDs and tapes. We can provide accurate transcripts in the format of your choice. Choose from flexible dictation options such as digital recorder, toll free number, conference call recordings and secure cell phone dictations.

Our Service Advantages

  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • 3 levels of quality control
  • Secure file transfer options – browser-based drop box, secure FTP
  • Full workflow modules available
  • Transcription management software
  • Volume rates available
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Delivering interrogation files in the format of your choice
  • Customized turnaround
  • Competitive pricing with savings up to 40%
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