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Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service has over a decade’s experience in successfully supporting not only legal professionals but also clients in various other fields. When you partner with our transcription company, you can rest assured that your audio and video files will be flawlessly transcribed to meet your deadlines. We provide high-quality audio/video transcription services for businesses – corporate, medical, real estate, education, research, IT, media and other industries.

Our competitively priced services can save 30-40% on your costs. Take advantage of our Free Trial – call 1-800-670-2809 today!

Save Time and Focus on Your Core Tasks

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing accurate, timely, customized solutions to suit the needs of each business niche. They have vast experience in handling transcription challenges such as foreign accents, high-speed dictation, legal jargon, abbreviations, background noise and other impediments.

We can handle projects of any size or complexity.

Our stringent quality checks ensure that your transcripts meet your specific requirements, saving your time that would otherwise go into checking and editing. Our reliable solutions allow you to focus on your core activities.

Quality Transcription Services for Businesses

At our online transcription company, our experienced transcriptionists works with advanced software and tools to create and deliver quality transcripts for:

Mos Transcription Service company
  • Conference calls
  • Interviews
  • Academic lectures
  • Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Press briefings
  • Thesis
  • Footage
  • Focus groups
  • Telephone surveys
  • Market research
  • Corporate meetings
  • Group discussions




We can transcribe files in any format – MP3, MP4 .wav, .dss, .wma, .mp4, .au, VHS, DVD, magnetic tapes, standard tapes and micro cassettes.


We can deliver verbatim or non-verbatim transcripts.


We are sensitive to your data security concerns.


We offer several secure file transfer options for you to choose from – browser-based drop box, and secure FTP.

Service Highlights

  • Flexible dictation options – digital recorder, dedicated toll-free number, secure cell phone dictation and conference call recordings
  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • Customized turnaround
  • 3 levels of quality control
  • Transcribed files in client-specific format
  • Secure file transfer options
  • Full workflow modules available
  • Transcription management software
  • Electronic signatures
  • No setup fees and hidden charges
  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Competitive pricing with savings of up to 40%
  • Volume rates available


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To learn more about our transcription services or to discuss your requirements, call our toll-free number 1-800-670-2809.