Tips to Monetize Your Podcast Transcripts

Tips to Monetize Your Podcast Transcripts

Monetize Your Podcast Transcripts

Podcasting is booming. According to a Research and Markets report, the global podcasting market size is expected to reach USD 94.88 billion by 2028. Podcasting along with podcast transcription services has emerged as an effective way for a business to reach its customers and build authority and credibility in its industry.

Podcasting on a regular basis can help build familiarity with your audience. The podcasting format is highly flexible and a cost-effective option for digital marketing. Google indexes podcasts. So posting transcripts along with your audio content will help the search engine crawl the information more easily, which can bring in more traffic to your site.

Benefits of Adding Transcripts to your Podcasts

There are many benefits to adding transcripts to your podcasts:

  • Transcripts make it easier for viewers to catch and understand what is being said instead of having to rewinding and listening to the audio repeatedly.
  • Text helps people who have hearing impairments or are deaf, and also those who may be familiar with your accent or whose first language is not English.
  • With transcripts, you can understand audience feedback better. Just refer to the transcript of the show to know what portion of the episode a listener referred to.
  • Transcripts increase the value of the content for people who want use your podcast material as a resource or backlink.
  • With podcast transcripts, it is easier for authoritative sites to link to your site.

Once you have a dedicated audience, you can take steps to earn money from your podcast transcripts. Posting great content can help you build a show that earns money.

Strategies to Monetize Podcast Transcripts

Here are some great strategies to monetize podcast transcripts and get the most out of them for your business:

  • Post a clean, accurate transcript: There are various tools for video/audio to text transcription such as Sonix,, Trint, Temi, GoTranscript, Descript, and Castos. These user-friendly tools provide automated transcription quickly.
  • Set up a dedicated website for your podcast: Having a dedicated website for your podcasts will provide you with a platform for promoting and monetizing your content. Adding transcripts will help you build engagement with your audience and get the most out of each podcast episode. You can build pages where you can post short messages, and publish reasonably long show notes and full transcripts for attracting traffic from search engines. You increase the number of pages as your website grows and use your transcripts to create content on a wide variety of topics which will increase the value of the site and get you more organic traffic. Having a dedicated podcast website will also allow you to host display ads and generate more income. If you already have a website and find that some evergreen content is not performing well, adding a transcript can make it work better for you.
  • Optimize your transcripts for SEO: This involves various steps
  • Do research to find out which keywords you want content to rank for and if your site is already ranking for these keywords. For your podcast episodes to show up in search, optimize them by including the right keywords in your title, your metadata, image alt tags, H1 tag, and throughout the content. Using relevant keywords will tell Google what your content is about, making it easy for it to show up at the right time in response to a search.
  • Check competitor activity to see if they are ranking for those keywords. This will provide insight into what works and help you create content that is better and stronger.
  • Go into the Google Search Console to monitor the health of your podcast site and how it is performing. If there any issues, reach out to an SEO company to fix them.

Besides including transcripts, there are various other ways to monetize your podcast. Here are some ideas:

  • If you are a good host and have an established audience, you can get a podcast Sponsors will pay you to advertise their product/service on your podcast.
  • Another way is to sign up for affiliate Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product/service under an affiliate link. When podcast listeners click on the link and make a purchase, the podcast host will earn a commission from the sale.
  • Charging subscription fees for unique content is a popular strategy to monetize podcasts. Remember that you should provide high quality paid and free content for audience engagement and retention.
  • Sell complementary products such as online courses, consulting services merchandise, courses, books, or access to live shows.

So how much money do podcasts earn? That depends on how many patrons they have and what podcast owners spend in relation to what they make. Here are some examples of high earning shows from Podcast hosting platform Castos:

While you can transcribe your podcast episodes using automated tools, this can be a challenge if you have a lot of files. Also, one of the main problems of using the software is that the algorithm’s accuracy depends on the quality of the audio or video recording. Moreover, some tools support only a limited number of audio and video file formats. The best way to get clean, accurate transcripts is to hire a professional transcription service.

General transcription companies can handle all types of video and audio files and also provide services such as captioning, subtitling, and time stamping/time coding to improve content access and visibility. They also provide audio-to-text documentation at affordable rates.

Why is Transcription Important in Documentary Production

Why is Transcription Important in Documentary Production

Importance of transcription in Documentary Production

Transcription plays an important role in the seamless functioning of documentary post-production process. It enables documentary makers to ensure that the content is well-received and consumed by the audience. It makes the content of movies or documentaries easier to understand for consumers. Documentary makers are launching their new projects on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In this regard, Professional transcription services can seize the opportunity to help documentary producers improve accessibility to the video content.

Benefits of transcription for documentary production

Documentaries can have hour- long content in the form of interviews. Transcription can make the content available beyond the traditional English-speaking markets.

Improves accessibility to the video content

Providing subtitles and captions are the primary step in making the content accessible to target audiences. Subtitles enable audience with hearing disabilities to effectively comprehend the content. This can also support speakers who are not native language speakers. Video transcripts can boost documentary delivery approach by making it interesting and informative. This involves catching precise phrases that the speaker says in the interview.

Enables better consumption

Documentaries with transcription have captions which allow the audience watch it with a click-of-button on their phones, tablets, laptops. They can be watched in various environments, even libraries and cafes. Video transcription services enable audience to read the word-by-word account of the documentary.

Speeds editing of long-form documentary productions

Editing of long-form productions enables producers, editors and directors to get familiar with the footage and choose the best from the same. Transcription helps editors to identify the important segments of the documentary in faster. Time coding and timestamps used to transcribe video content facilitate organizing files. It helps video editors to quickly find specific segments of the video which require editing. Professional transcription services can efficiently assign time codes and timestamps, so that editors do not need to watch and listen to the whole footage to find important segments.

Easier to translate the documentary

It is easier for documentary makers to translate content of a transcribed documentary during the post-production process. The translated documentary can be distributed globally so that new audiences can access and understand the content. This can boost the documentary maker’s work contributing to its success.

Ensures quality of the content

There can be interruptions, false begins, ums and ahs in a documentary. Video transcription uses automated tools to identify the breaks in the sentences of the speaker. This is essential in the post-production process of the documentary as the content has to be accurately interpreted to display in the audiovisual archive.

Makes the documented version of the content stand out

Companies circulate documentaries on TV or in the theatre. A transcribed version of the documentary allows viewers to get a glance at the video without actually viewing it. This enhances the user experience as they get a sneak peek at what the content is all about. Transcribed videos can enhance exposure.

Help students, researchers or journalists

Documentary transcriptions can be used as reference material by students, researchers, and journalists. It provides reliable, research intensive data which serves as reference material for reports and articles. Transcription eliminates the need for watching the documentaries several times as the codes point to the required scenes and parts. This eases the work of research scholars and enables them to complete the project within the stipulated time.

The process of transcribing documentaries is tedious and time-consuming. Further, making a documentary is expensive and hiring in-house staff to transcribe videos will add to the financial burden. Outsourcing this important task to an online transcription company is a practical decision to obtain quality, timely video transcripts at affordable rates.

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

Audio transcription is a common requirement in various sectors like legal, academics, insurance, law, banking, media and more. For example, legal firms need audio transcription for converting recordings of complex court proceedings to comprehendible text format. Likewise, other such support to document meetings, video conferences, phone calls, seminars, and so on, and improve accessibility, sharing and retention. Today, there are advanced AI-powered software tools that boost the ease and speed of transcription of live or recorded audio or videos into text. Audio transcription services can improve the accuracy of machine-generated documentation.

Audio transcription tools that you should give a try in 2022

Text distribution channels outnumber audio distribution channels and text documents require only small bandwidth. With the help of transcription tools, audio files can be converted into text and repurposed into different formats like whitepapers, reports, blogs, articles, and more. Let’s take a look at the top transcription tools available today.

  1. The FTW Transcriber

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

Image Source:

The software is compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. Professional transcribers can rely upon this software as it offers features like automatic timestamps and enhanced audio quality. The tool can be downloaded freely and can be used on smartphones and tablets. It has a bookmark feature and is compatible with all word processors.

  1. Transcribe

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

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This is a speech to text software that can convert interviews, audio notes, meetings, speeches and lectures to over 80+ languages. It offers two options for transcription. One is transcribing your file by typing it out and the other option is by using Transcribe’s dictation feature which converts voice with the help of voice recognition. It securely preserves the confidentiality of the data.

  1. Otter

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

Image source: translates speech to text using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The software shows captions for live speakers and we can record audio from our phone or any web browser to transcribe it. Along with the text, the software adds speaker ID’s, notes and images. This eliminates the need of third party tools for simple enhancements.

Products of Otter are:

  • Otter Live Meeting Notes
  • Otter for Teams
  • Otter for Education
  • Otter Live Notes for Zoom
  1. oTranscribe

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

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This free tool is ideal to transcribe recorded interviews. The software has the feature of easily navigating through the transcript. The transcribed text version is exported to Google docs, Markdown or Plain Text and will be saved automatically in the browser’s storage. With interactive timestamping, the transcripts are easily navigable.

  1. Trint

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

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The AI tool can be used for both personal and business purposes. The tool can convert the audio files into 31 different languages of the text version. Each word of the file will be converted into text and the text needs to be edited to make it accurate. It has the option of adding markers, and speaker names and leaving comments for specific sections.

  1. Happy Scribe

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

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The software caters to transcription and subtitle needs. It is compatible for 60 different languages. It has speakers and timestamps with personalized vocabulary. Happy Scribe can work in tandem with your proofreaders and editors in a single platform.

  1. Amberscript

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

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The audio file can be converted automatically to text. Subtitles can be added automatically to the video with a subtitle generator. The speech recognition engine processes the request once the audio file is uploaded. There is an online text editor with which the text can be edited and exports the transcript in Text, SRT and VTT.

  1. Express Scribe

AI Powered Audio Transcription Tools You Need To Try in 2022

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The software has keyboard hotkeys and pedal support to transcribe audio file faster. It is compatible with wide range of formats including encrypted dictated files. Express Scribe can work well with Microsoft Word and FastFox Text Expander. The transcribed file can be automatically forwarded to the client to save time.

Advantages of Using Audio Transcription Tools

  • Transcribing audios is a tedious task and these advanced tools can ease the job and help you complete it faster
  • Cost-effective with enhanced accuracy and security
  • Effectively removes the verbal debris

However, when it comes to accuracy, automated transcription tools may not measure up to the audio transcription services provided by a reliable company. This is because technology cannot understand clarity and nuances and conveying these aspects in the transcript is essential for readers to understand the written text. Transcription tools may misinterpret certain words and this can lead to wrong spelling, which will lead to the intended message being unclear or even inaccurate. The software takes time to learn and understand nuances and relying on one particular software can lead to errors in the transcript.

Bottom line

Technological advancement in the field of AI has eased tedious audio transcription tasks. Professional human transcriptionists are essential if you are looking to achieve 99% accuracy. Even if you use automated transcription, have your work checked by a digital transcription service provider to get a highly accurate and clean final text transcript.

Why Outsource Road Show Transcription?

Why Outsource Road Show Transcription?

 Why Outsource Road Show Transcription?

Road shows are a key business strategy to exhibit the competence of management of the business. It showcases the products and services of the company by conducting local tours specifically for the target customers, prospects, investors etc. This is an era of digital marketing and the use of social media is also on the rise. So, there arises a question of whether road show promotions can really help boost your business or not. The answer is that road shows raise the awareness of the brand by spreading the word in an in-person and interactive format to a huge market that might not be necessarily internet-savvy.

Road shows require consistent efforts from the top brass of the company including the salespersons in coordinating the event and preparing multiple presentations with Q&A sessions to engage with potential customers and investors.Professional transcription services are imperative to accurately document the live speeches and presentations which will be in audio or video format. The transcripts are then uploaded to the organization’s archive.

Why do companies need road shows?

  • Increases visibility of the brand as the uploaded copies of transcripts are accessed by media and prospects from the website. This enhances the authority of the brand.
  • Enables face-to-face interaction with potential customers.
  • Broadens the scope of sales from phone calls or e-mails to real interaction with the prospects.
  • Helps to keep track of the market demand as people gathered to attend the road shows demand for the product or brand.
  • Ensures social engagement which is crucial for understanding the tone of the target customers.
  • Accelerates market influence by building trust.

It is clear that road shows can contribute to increased ROI. If transcription of road shows is outsourced to reliable companies, businesses can focus on core competencies and capitalize on these events. This helps companies to channelize the resources for planning tours to designated areas.

Why outsource road show transcription?

Live in-person meetings and discussions conducted during these promotional tours have vital information about the key trends in marketing, the goals of the business and future plans of the brand. It will be in audio or video format and there will be lots of information that has to be accurately recorded without missing out any significant data.

Transcription outsourcing companies make this task less tedious in the following manner:

➢  Accurately follows the thought system of the speaker

Road shows are an open forum event. There can be vehicular noises, music, loud applause and shouting from the crowd etc. Also, the speakers face frequent interruptions in the form of queries and requests from the crowd gathered for the event. The speaker might deviate from the core topic that is discussed. This makes the task of recording complex. But a professional transcriptionist is highly skilled and has the expertise to listen keenly and grasp the whole process. Aberration from what the speaker wants to address is undesirable as this negatively affects the vision of the brand.  Accuracy in converting the audio/video format to text format enhances the reliability of the data.  Subsequently, this is uploaded in the company’s website for future reference.

➢  Streamlines the flow of information

Road shows are attended by delegates from various industries. There can be roundtables, podcasts, presentations and other valuable content formats. The presentations come with a Q&A session. This has to be closely watched and listened to carefully as erroneous depiction of facts and figures is undesirable. Therefore, keeping up with the pace of the speakers is very important. Presentations transcriptions are essential to remove audible distractions that might occur when the presenters take long pauses to organize their thoughts. The written format of the presentation is then uploaded to the company’s website for a wider audience.

➢  Keeps track of the time frame

The transcription of road shows has to be strategically planned so that the document is completed before the next event. The copies of transcripts are sometimes distributed among the attendees of the upcoming event. Service-oriented professional transcriptionists ensure that the entrusted task is delivered within the agreed time frame.

➢  Guarantees success of the event

Maintaining a well-organized summary of the events and showcasing the same to investors make them inclined to do business with you. This indicates that the goal of organizing the event has been realized.

➢  Reduces the burden of cost

The right transcription outsourcing companies promptly convert the recorded audio/video files to text files. Businesses are not required to hire additional staff for handling transcription processes. The existing staff can focus on the successful completion of road shows.

The nature of marketing strategies is ever changing. Marketers often hesitate to introduce new tactics owing to the uncertainty involved. However, road shows are found to be effective in terms of reaching out to a wider audience to display products/services. Comparatively, the uncertainty associated with road shows is less. However, organizers have to thoroughly survey the route prior to the event and ensure the use of quality recording equipment for flawless transcription.

What Are the Main Challenges Involved in Group Discussion Transcription?

What Are the Main Challenges Involved in Group Discussion Transcription?

What Are the Main Challenges Involved in Group Discussion Transcription?

Group discussion is a gathering of people talking and discussing a specific topic. Many critical decisions may be taken during these discussions that need to be recorded and converted into accurate transcripts. Transcribing group discussions can be difficult because there are multiple speakers, whispered exchanges, background noise, non-verbal cues etc. This makes group discussion transcription challenging. This blog discusses the different challenges involved in transcribing group discussions, and how a reliable digital transcription service can ensure accuracy in transcription. 

  • Identifying different speakers: When there is more than one person in a discussion, it is important to identify each speaker and what each one has contributed to the discussion. If there is only a man and a woman speaking, or a person with a strong accent and another one who is very soft spoken, then it is easier to identify the speakers. But if there are a greater number of people who have similar sounding voices, it becomes difficult to distinguish each speaker and transcribing becomes a challenge. So, if you want to identify the speakers in a group discussion, you may ask everyone to introduce themselves before the discussion begins. Another alternative is to provide your transcriber with information about the speakers who are participating in the group discussion. You can also inform them about speakers who have different dialects or accents.   
  • Overlapping: A group discussion with more than two people can be very noisy because speakers tend to become excited and argumentative, they may even interrupt and talk over each other. This is quite normal in any group discussion but can be difficult at the time of transcription. Transcribers find it highly challenging because they have to separate each of these inaudible sounds, especially if it is a verbatim transcription. Overlapping is one of the many concerns as it can take too much time to unpick and transcribe accurately. However, with intelligent transcription, it is possible to remove some of the overlaps that are not necessary. This helps you to get an error-free transcription of the group discussion.
  • Accuracy: This point is a continuation of the first two points. As mentioned above, overlapping and multiple speakers with different dialects and accents are challenging for a transcriptionist to convert a group discussion recording into transcripts with utmost accuracy. But accuracy of transcription is important, especially while transcribing any legal topics or business meetings or even a brainstorming session because it can lead to poor decision making or even damage someone’s career. But today there are advanced technologies like noise cancelling headphones, pedals to start and stop the recording etc., skilled transcriptionists who have excellent listening skills and can transcribe any important group discussions into accurate transcripts. 

Group discussion transcription is becoming more and more important as technology evolves. The ability to go back and listen to what is said in a group setting can be invaluable in many situations ps. When participants in a group discussion are allowed to speak freely, they can express their opinions and thoughts more openly than in an interview. However, it is difficult to record all the relevant information when the conversation is at its peak. It is important to consider what information needs to be recorded and how this will be done before going into the field. 

How to Transcribe Group Discussion Accurately

  • Verbatim transcription is ideal: To ensure accurate transcription of a group discussion, it is important to transcribe even non-verbal sounds like “um”, “uhh”, “er” etc. Transcription equipment is available, which makes the transcription process easy:
  • High resolution screen: If you have a video recording of the group discussion, then having a high-resolution screen will help determine how and what the speakers are saying and also see how they pronounce each word. This helps with easy transcription. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones: This is an excellent gadget that helps with transcription. It cancels out any background noise so that it is easier to identify the verbal fillers and other expressions. 
  • Jargon dictionaries: The speakers in the group discussion may use jargon. Jargon dictionaries will be useful for transcribers to understand the technical terms, so that is easier for them to transcribe the group discussion accurately.   
  • Ensure confidentiality:  Maintaining the confidentiality of the group discussion is important right from the beginning. It is vital to decide if any of the speakers’ names should be censored or whether the names of brands or places should be avoided. So, if any of the details need to be left out, it should be maintained throughout the discussion as well as the transcript.  
  • Mention the speakers: Once the confidentiality protocols are sorted out, the next step is to identify the speakers and label them in the transcript.  You can include the participant’s and moderator’s names in the transcript if you are not maintaining anonymity during the discussion. Otherwise, the speakers can be labelled as “Participant 1”, “Participant 2” etc. 
  • Include timestamps: Include time stamps in your transcript and this makes it easier to further analyze, revise and proofread the transcript. Timestamps also help your market research team track the conversation.
  • Proofread the transcript:  Proofreading is the last part of the transcription. Review the transcript at least two times to look for any errors. Once that is done, you can analyze any sections of the transcripts using the timestamps to review garbled or inaudible speech, verify any crosstalk, and review any other areas as per requirement.

Group discussion transcription is the process of converting a group discussion into text format. You are able to keep track of all that was said during the group discussions by referring to the transcript when you need to. It helps to preserve the ideas and opinions expressed by participants of the discussion. It also serves as an archive that can be used for future reference. Besides, it is an easy way of keeping track of important information and decisions made. So, reach out to a reliable business transcription service to transcribe your business group discussions.