Why You Should be Transcribing Your Instagram Stories and Videos

by | Published on Dec 28, 2023 | Video Transcription, Audio Transcription

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Transcribing Your Instagram Stories and Videos

Embracing media transcription for your Instagram stories and videos ensures that your content is accessible to everyone, including those with hearing impairments or situations where sound isn’t an option, fostering inclusivity in your audience engagement. Transcribing your Instagram stories and videos can provide several advantages that improve your overall social media strategy.

Reasons for Transcribing Your Instagram Stories and Videos

Transcribing your Instagram content makes sense for the following reasons:

Accessibility for all audiences

When your content is transcribed, it will reach a wider audience-including people with hearing impairments. This inclusiveness shows that you are dedicated to connecting and interacting with a wide range of people. Captions not only help those who are hard of hearing, but also those who have trouble processing information. Neurodiverse populations-such as those with autism or ADHD-may find it difficult to process audio information at times, so captions can be very helpful. Certain information could be missed or misinterpreted in the absence of captions. Ultimately, providing a text version of the audio can enhance the viewing experience for this audience.

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Legal compliance

Publicly available content must be legally accessible, ensuring equal learning opportunities for all.Many web accessibility regulations require adherence to Level A and/or AA. WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA necessitate captions for both pre-recorded and live videos.Commercial entities need to make employment materials accessible to prevent discrimination lawsuits. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act ensure equitable access to public information for individuals with disabilities. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act mandates accessibility in information technology. States also have specific laws on the matter. Reviewing WCAG guidelines for audio description and captioning is crucial for legal compliance and proactive preparation.

Transcribing Your Instagram Stories

Better user experience

In addition to improving accessibility, video transcription enhances the overall user experience overall. Video transcription not only enhances accessibility but significantly improves the user experience. It serves as an alternative means for interaction, facilitating easier search for specific video segments. Transcripts enhance video portability, making them accessible in noise-sensitive environments. Additionally, subtitles aid in better understanding the material, offering alternative access points and aiding comprehension, especially for technical content and students with learning disabilities.

Better ranking on search engines

Video transcripts enhance user and search engine discoverability. Search engines rely on text-based content for indexing, making transcripts crucial for improving visibility. Incorporating relevant keywords in transcripts enhances the likelihood of video discovery. Transcripts also elevate viewer engagement, leading to increased time spent on pages and improved interaction, positively impacting SEO rankings. A better user experience encourages more user interaction and sharing, further boosting SEO and increasing the likelihood of higher click-through rates on your content.

Grow your audience

Video transcription not only increases search engine visibility for your videos but also broadens your potential viewership by bridging language gaps. Including a text version of your video for those whose first language is not the language of the video will aid in comprehension. They might be picking up your language and require a little additional assistance to comprehend terms that are unfamiliar to them. Transcribing is a great place to start if you want to reach multilingual and international audiences. It can also facilitate future translations, readying your video for even greater growth. When you’re ready for translation or localization, the effort you put into writing a transcript for your video will pay off.

Streamline content creation

You can use your transcripts as a starting point for creating new content. Perhaps you create a viral video and want to cash in on that success. Rather than crafting new content, it is easier to repurpose information into multiple pieces of content for different platforms when a transcript is available. You can take your transcript and turn it into several blog entries or divide it into several months’ worth of social media updates about the same subject. You’ll be able to tackle a busy content creation calendar more easily and save time by doing this.

Brand consistency

Content transcription guarantees accurate delivery of the intended message. It strengthens your brand identity by assisting in the maintenance of brand consistency across various platforms and channels.

Analytical insights

Text analytics tools can be utilized to analyze transcriptions that are text-based, yielding valuable insights into the themes, sentiments, and keywords that are prevalent in your content. You can use this information to guide your content strategy by figuring out what appeals to your target audience.

Global reach

Transcription translations can aid in the global distribution of your content. For influencers or brands with a global following, this is crucial because it enables them to communicate with multilingual audiences.

Consider transcribing Instagram content with the help of a professional online transcription company. Refine your storytelling strategy and ensure your messages resonate effectively with your diverse audiences.

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