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Whether it’s audio or video conferencing, effective communication and collaboration are essential in today’s interconnected world.  Obtaining precise audio transcriptions is crucial for capturing valuable insights shared during conferences, meetings, and seminars. At MOS Legal Transcription Service, our conference transcription services can ensure accurate and searchable transcripts of your discussions, presentations, and meetings, capturing every detail.

Our skilled transcriptionists are well-versed in handling complex audio/video content that involves multiple speakers, technical jargon, and industry-specific terminology. We ensure that every nuance of your conference is accurately transcribed, maintaining the integrity of the discussions. Based on your requirements, our experienced team can provide non-verbatim as well as verbatim transcription.

Transform your Zoom calls, online conferences, board meetings or WebEx virtual meetings into actionable insights with our conference transcription services!

Just send the audio files of your telephonic or online conferences to us.

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Custom Conference Transcription Services

We can provide high quality transcripts for:

  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Research interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Press conferences
  • Conference calls
  • Legal video conferences
  • Policy discussions
  • Sales meetings
  • Feedback sessions
  • Technical conferences

Our professional team of transcriptionists, editors and quality assurance personnel provide customized conference call transcription. They are knowledgeable in technical and business terminologies, which enable them to provide accurate transcripts for any recordings you entrust to us.

Our Clients

We serve diverse industries, including

  • Law
  • Education
  • Media
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Hospitality, and more

You can choose to dictate using these flexible options – digital recorder, toll free number, conference call recording and secure cell phone dictation. Once you submit your dictation, it is transcribed, proofread and sent directly to you through secure channels, in the format of your choice.

Review of Automated Transcripts

Blend the efficiency of automation with the precision of human review!

While speech-to-text software can transcribe audio real-time, it may not deliver the accuracy you need. Our team of experienced editors can review and proofread your machine-generated documents and ensure that the content accurately aligns with your audio recording.

Service Highlights

Turn conversations into knowledge with our accurate and prompt conference call transcription services! Partnering with us ensures the following benefits:

    • Advanced transcription management software
    • Strict security and confidentiality measures
    • Customized turnaround time packages
    • Saves time – fast turnaround time to meet your deadlines
    • 3 levels of checking by editors and proofreaders
    • 99% accuracy with good audio
    • 24X7 customer support
    • No long-term yearly contracts
    • Safe files transfer through secure FTP, browser-based drop box or other software systems
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Conference Transcription Process Steps

Transcribing a conference involves converting spoken content from audio or video recordings into written text. Here are the steps involved in our conference transcription process:


Uploading files


Manual transcription


Proofreading and editing


Timestamping (if necessary)


Quality assurance


Reviewing the transcript



Get real-time transcripts! No hidden costs! With our competitive pricing, you can save up to 40% on your total costs!

Call our toll free number (800) 670-2809 for more information about our meeting transcription services.

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