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Cutting-edge digital transcription services tailored to your business needs!

Efficient digital transcription services play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and productivity for businesses across various industries.

Why not partner with a professional digital transcription company in the U.S.?

MOS Legal Transcription Service provides quality digital transcription solutions for diverse industries such as legal, business, education and healthcare among others. Our team of professional transcriptionists, proofreaders and quality analysts can provide non-verbatim or verbatim transcripts based on your requirement.

Transcripts of various business conferences and other proceedings can help businesses to –

  • streamline workflows
  • improve accessibility to valuable information
  • increase productivity
  • ensure accuracy of business data
  • optimize resources
  • boost overall operational
We support a variety of audio formats – MP3, MP4, DSS, WAV and AIFF, as well as video formats such as MPEG-2, .dat, .mov, .swf, .avi, .wmv, and MPEG-4.

We have been successfully providing value-added legal and business transcription services for years. We can efficiently handle projects of all sizes.

Enjoy competitive pricing with 30 to 40% cost savings!
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Customized Business Transcription Services

We provide digital transcripts for many types of recordings that include but are not limited to –

Client letters
Conference calls
Court proceedings
Wire tap

As a provider of professional transcription services, we focus on ensuring excellent precision and excellence in the transcripts we provide — with or without timestamps. Our skilled transcriptionists have the necessary linguistic proficiency and technical knowledge to ensure accurate word-for-word transcription. Their extensive training equips them to comprehend and adapt to various linguistic dialects with ease.


Our 7-step Digital Transcription Process

LTS Digital Transcription Process

Why Us?

30-40% Cost Savings

99% Accuracy

12-24 Turnaround Time

21 Years of Experience

BBB Accredited Business

100+ Satisfied Clients

Our Service Highlights

  • Convenient dictation methods (toll-free number, digital recorder, conference call recording, secure cell phone)
  • Triple-tier quality checks for precision
  • Dedicated regional managers and local representatives for each account
  • Cutting-edge technology choices
  • Flexible domestic or international transcription services
  • Timely project delivery as specified
  • Secure file transfer through browser-based Dropbox, secure FTP, or other software
  • Swift turnaround, even with substantial data volumes
  • Safe and efficient handling of data, ensuring confidentiality

We have the necessary technology and infrastructure to handle any volume transcription.


What types of audio filesdo you transcribe?
Our services accommodate a wide range of audio file formats. Whether it’s interviews, meetings, lectures, or more, we provide accurate transcripts for various formats, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our clients.
How secure is the handling of client files during the transcription process?
We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your data. Our safe transfer methods include browser-based dropbox, secure FTP, and other encrypted software systems, ensuring your files are handled with the utmost care.
Can I request specific formatting or style preferences for my transcriptions?
Absolutely! We understand that each client has unique requirements. Our services are customizable, allowing you to specify formatting, style preferences, and any other guidelines you have in mind.
What measures do you have in place for quality assurance?
We implement a three-tier quality-check process to guarantee accuracy. Our experienced transcriptionists and advanced technology work in tandem to ensure that the final transcripts meet the highest standards of precision and clarity.
Reliable digital transcription services for excellence! Reach out to us at (800) 670-2809!

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