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MOS Legal Transcription Service, a reliable legal transcription company in the U.S., provides affordable and accurate real estate transcription services for a wide range of clients such as real estate agents, surveyors, brokers, inspectors, lawyers, paralegals, loan consultants and sales personnel. Well-documented reports facilitate the selling and buying of properties and also enhance the accuracy of a home inspection. Handwritten pages can be difficult to read and often have a lot of information crowded into a small section, which makes real estate transcripts a great alternative.

The real estate industry needs documentation relating to construction sites and buildings, legal recordings of real estate deals, and general office work. Ranging from property registration details to back office documents and construction site notes, we can provide customized reports for any records you require.

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Real Estate Transcription: Who Uses It?

In the real estate sector, transcription services are used by developers, property managers, and realtors to help them keep track of crucial meetings and talks.

Furthermore, to provide text records of their inspections, appraisals and client talks, loan officers, appraisers, and house inspectors all use transcribing services.

Transcription services might be advantageous for real estate attorneys as well. Attorneys can better prepare for court proceedings or disputes if they have a text format of their various interactions and meetings.

Recording vendor presentations, client meetings, and open houses can all benefit greatly from transcription. A real estate transcription service is therefore an invaluable tool for anyone working in the field who want to maintain control over their firm.

Real Estate Transcription Process

Image Transcription Process

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Our transcriptionists are familiar with terminology related to this sector, including legal terminology.

Our property transcription solutions are available for:

  • On-site Survey Reports
  • Property condition reports
  • On-site Inspection Reports
  • Construction Site Recitations
  • Property Related Court Recordings
  • Property Condition Report (PCR)
  • Residential Valuation Reports
  • Property Summaries
  • Site-engineer notes
  • Construction company notes
Digital Transcription Services
We ensure that our non-verbatim transcripts do not incorporate unnecessary sounds in the audio that would corrupt the accuracy of the reports. However, we understand that client requirements vary, and also provide verbatim transcription services if necessary.

What Makes Our Service Unique?

  • Transcribers with clear knowledge in general and legal reports related to property matters
  • Excellent quality output with three level QA checks
  • State-of-the-art transcription methodologies and document flow management software
  • Secure FTP and browser-based 256 bit AES encryption protocol for file transfer
  • Facility for clients to view and edit the files during or after transcription
  • Competitive pricing where clients save 30 to 40% on operational costs

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