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At MOS Legal Transcription Service, we are committed to providing high quality legal transcription services for the legal industry, including courts, attorneys, paralegals, law firms, legal firms, professional court reporters, law enforcement, real estate agencies, court recording firms and state, federal and local governments nationwide. With years of experience in legal transcription, we can transcribe your audio and video recordings into accurate legal documents in various file formats.

Transcribing legal data demands immense dedication, comprehensive attention to detail and considerable experience. A streamlined transcription process is important to ensure easy-to-access transcripts. Transcribing legal documents in-house would require huge investment in infrastructure and manpower.

We can transcribe your legal audio file or audio cassette with precision, providing a verbatim transcript of your legal document.

So, why not consider legal transcription outsourcing to an experienced provider and save your time and money! Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your legal transcription needs.

Our legal transcription company can save you valuable time and resources, and enable you to focus on core tasks. Save up to 3040% of your costs!

Get Accurate Digital Transcription Services

Partnering with us means you will have access to reliable and cost-effective legal transcription services with fast turnaround times. Our team of transcriptionists are well-versed in court proceedings and legal terminology, ensuring that your legal document is transcribed accurately and efficiently.

We have skilled transcriptionists, editors and proof-readers with vast experience in delivering accurate and timely transcripts in client-specific formats.

Our team:

  • is knowledgeable in even complex legal terminologies pertaining to all areas of law – business, commercial, corporate and personal injury, criminal, family, litigation, and real estate
  • has experience in transcribing varied types of legal dictations
  • can handle transcription challenges such as accents, high-speed dictation, legal jargon, abbreviations, background noise, and other issues
  • can handle high-volume projects in quick turnaround time
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Accurate Transcripts for All Legal Projects

Our team can provide error-free transcripts of the following:
  • Interrogations
  • Judgments
  • Mediation briefs
  • Meeting minutes
  • Legal pleadings
  • Legal briefs
  • Memorandum letters
  • Multi-speaker interviews
  • Police interrogations
  • Summons
  • Testimonies
  • Wiretap

Our Legal Transcription Service Benefits

Stringent 3 level quality checks

Faster turnaroundtime
24/7/365 customer support
Volume discount offers
Electronic signature capability
Strict confidentiality measures
  • You can choose from multiple dictation options – digital handheld recorder, cell phone dictation, conference call recording or our dedicated toll-free number.
  • All transcripts are put through a stringent QA process to ensure 99% accuracy.
  • Our quality control team includes editors, proof-readers, and legal and technical experts.
  • We can provide transcripts in faster turnaround times (anywhere from 24 hours or less).
  • We support a variety of audio formats – MP3, MP4, DSS, WAV and AIFF, as well as video formats such as MPEG-2, .dat, .mov, .swf, .avi, .wmv, and MPEG-4.
  • We have the right technology tools and infrastructure to handle any volume transcription.
  • We return the final transcripts securely, ensuring complete confidentiality of your data.
Contact Us Now and Get a Free Trial on our Legal Transcription Services.

We are available at (800) 670-2809 to support you.

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Contact Us Now and Get a Free Trial on our Legal Transcription Services.

We are available at (800) 670-2809 to support you.