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Need easily accessible transcripts of educational content?  Partner with MOS Legal Transcription Service!

We provide educational transcription services for students, researchers, lecturers, academicians, teaching assistants, and educational institutions.

We provide quality transcripts for all complex educational needs! With precise and timely academic transcription services for research interviews, dissertations, lectures, conferences and other events, students and researchers can focus on their critical activities. Also, universities can upload transcripts of lectures to their website for non-attendees.

Today, audio and video is widely used in teaching and enables students to access educational material from any location at any time. Education transcription services support the teaching and learning process by:

  • Helping teachers simplify and explain complex problems
  • Allowing students to access learning materials whenever required
  • Enabling students to learn at their own pace
  • Reducing frequently asked questions from students
  • Allowing re-use of the material

Audio and video recordings supported by lecture transcription reduce the feeling of isolation for students attending virtual classes and also helps located students learn better.

As teachers focus on creating audio and video resources to deliver rich, engaging content, our online transcription company can support your efforts with customized documentation solutions.

MOS Legal Transcription Service provides academic transcription services to meet stringent deadlines. Our team of professional transcriptionists has extensive experience in transcribing audio or video recordings with even complex educational content.  They can provide transcripts in the required format, which makes it easy for you to search for keywords and make edits to technical terms or speaker’s names.

Focus on your studies, research or teaching – our team will take care of the transcription process! Get a free trial of our educational transcription services – dial (800) 670-2809 today!

Reliable Academic Transcription Services

Based on your requirements, we can provide full verbatim or non-verbatim transcripts of the following –

  • Client letters
  • Lectures
  • Interview
  • Thesis
  • Seminar
  • Media
  • Conference calls
  • Podcast
  • Research
  • Deposition
  • Focus groups
  • Court proceedings
  • Memorandums
  • Interrogations
  • Arbitrations

Our Transcription Process

  • Collecting video or audio recordings using convenient dictation options
  • Transferring recordings to a secure server, for the work to be done soon
  • Allocating specific modules of work to the transcribers
  • Stringent quality checking and re-editing in case of errors
  • Uploading finished documents to a secure server or by secure sources
Mos Transcription Service company

Real-time Transcription for Special Students

Our real-time educational transcription services are ideal for those students with hearing impairments, to enable them to understand classroom discussions. Our meaning-for-meaning, real-time transcription will not have any of the background sounds and false starts that usually feature in verbatim transcripts and the content will be concise and easy to comprehend. We also incorporate non-verbal information that may have special meanings such as stresses put on specific words by the speaker, or facial expressions. We can provide fully edited versions of the transcript if required.

We also provide non-real time transcription for videotapes and webcasts of seminars, conferences, and other relevant recordings.

Why Choose Us?

Cost savings 30 to 40%

Skilled Workforce

No setup fees and hidden charges

Faster turnaround time

99% accuracy

Three level quality checks

Competitive Pricing
No long-term yearly contracts

Time coding/stamping


Our customized transcription packages are designed to fit any project specifications, whether your academic transcript needs are recurring or you require any specialized formatting.

Recordings can be sent to our team through any of these convenient dictation options – digital handheld recorder, cell phone dictation, conference call recording system or our dedicated toll-free number. We offer various time stamping standards – audio time code style, regularity of time coding, and subjective time stamping.

Get the quality dissertation/thesis transcription services at affordable rates! Call (800) 670-2809 for more information about our special pricing for educational institutions and students!

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