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Unlock Insights with Superior Educational Transcription Services!

MOS Legal Transcription Service provides quality educational transcription services for all educational needs, including complex projects. Our clientele includes students, researchers, lecturers, academicians, teaching assistants, and educational institutions.

With our precise and timely transcription of research interviews, dissertations, lectures, conferences and other events, you can focus on your critical activities. Our team of professional transcriptionists has extensive experience in transcribing audio or video recordings with all types of educational content.  They can provide transcripts in the required format to meet your stringent deadlines.

Drive User Engagement with Accessible Transcripts

Today, audio and video is widely used in teaching and enables students to access educational material from any location at any time. Lecture transcription of these recordings alleviates the sense of isolation for students in virtual classrooms and also enhances learning outcomes for both remote and on-site learners.

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering accurate and high-quality transcriptions, ensuring your academic content is clear and easily accessible, driving user engagement. Our services support the teaching and learning process by:

  • Helping teachers simplify and explain complex problems
  • Allowing students to access learning materials whenever required
  • Enabling students to learn at their own pace
  • Reducing frequently asked questions from students
  • Allowing repurposing of the material

As teachers focus on creating audio and video resources to deliver rich, engaging content, our online transcription company supports their efforts with customized documentation solutions. Additionally, we offer captions to boost engagement and viewership as well as subtitles to facilitate connection with non-English speaking audiences.

Mos Transcription Service company

Reliable Academic Transcription Services Simplifying the Educational Experience

Our academic transcription covers a wide range of audio-video including but not limited to 



Research interviews





Focus groups

Based on your requirements, we can provide full verbatim or non-verbatim transcripts.

Focus on your studies, research or teaching – our team will take care of your transcription needs!

Our Transcription Process

Our Transcription Process

Streamlined Transcription Workflow

Convenient Dictation Options

We offer convenient dictation options – digital handheld recorder, cell phone dictation, conference call recording system and our dedicated toll-free number. Whether research interviews, academic lectures, or focus groups, our options are designed to accommodate various recording formats.

Allocation to Specialized Transcribers

Entrust your recordings to our skilled transcribers. We allocate specific modules of work to transcribers based on their expertise, ensuring that your content is transcribed by professionals who understand the nuances of your industry.

Secure Document Upload

After quality checks and re-editing, the finished transcripts are uploaded to our secure server using encrypted channels or transmitted through other secure sources. We prioritize the confidentiality of your transcribed content, maintaining the utmost security throughout the entire process.

Stringent Quality Checking and Re-Editing

Precision is paramount in our workflow. Every transcript undergoes a stringent quality checking process. In case of errors or discrepancies, our team engages in meticulous re-editing to ensure the highest level of accuracy and clarity in the final document.

Secure Transfer to Our Server

Rest assured that your sensitive content is in safe hands. Transfer your recordings to our secure server, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Our encrypted channels guarantee a seamless and protected transfer process.

Time Efficiency

Our services are designed to save you time. As we stick to faster turnaround times for transcriptions, you can focus on the core aspects of education without worrying about the time-consuming task of transcription. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive accurate transcriptions promptly.

Real-time Transcription for Special Students

Our real-time educational transcription services are ideal for those students with hearing impairments, to enable them to understand classroom discussions. Our meaning-for-meaning, real-time transcription will not have any of the background sounds and false starts that usually feature in verbatim transcripts and the content will be concise and easy to comprehend. We also incorporate non-verbal information that may have special meanings such as stresses put on specific words by the speaker, or facial expressions. We can provide fully edited versions of the transcript if required.

We also provide non-real time transcription for videotapes and webcasts of seminars, conferences, and other relevant recordings.

Mos Transcription Service company

Key Features of Our Educational Transcription Services

Accurate Transcriptions

Precision is our priority. Benefit from accurate transcriptions that capture the nuances of academic conversations, research interviews, lectures, conferences, and more.

Flexible Turnaround Time

Depending on the length, urgency, and complexity of your academic content, we offer flexible and quick turnaround times to accommodate your specific needs.

Team Accounts for Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with team accounts that allow multiple users to access and manage transcripts, fostering a collaborative academic environment.

High-Quality Audio or Video Transcriptions

Whether your content is in audio or video format, our services ensure high-quality transcriptions, making academic research more accessible.


Why Choose Us?

  • Cost savings 30 to 40%
  • Skilled professionals
  • No setup fees and hidden charges
  • Faster turnaround time
  • 99% accuracy
  • Three level quality checks
  • Competitive pricing
  • No long-term yearly contracts
  • Time coding/stamping

Enjoy a Seamless Transcription Experience

We offer tailored transcription packages designed to meet your project’s specific requirements, catering to recurring academic transcript needs or any specialized formatting preferences. We offer various time stamping options – audio time code style, regular time coding, and subjective time stamping.

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