Top Meeting Transcription Apps of 2023 for Productive Professionals

by | Published on Oct 10, 2023 | Transcription Services

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Top Meeting Transcription Apps of 2023

Meetings are essential to ensure team collaboration, informed decision-making, and continued adherence to organizational objectives. Effective communication in meetings contributes to improved overall organizational performance. More and more companies are relying on meeting transcription services to ensure accurate documentation of the conversation.

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Role of Meeting Transcription in Businesses

Transcribing business meetings serves as a potent instrument for knowledge retention, effective communication, and record-keeping. Meeting transcription ensures that every detail, decision, and action item discussed during meetings is accurately documented in text format. This proves immensely beneficial for follow-up, accountability, and future reference. Additionally, it enhances accessibility as meeting transcripts can be promptly shared with team members who may have missed the meeting or need to review specific discussions. Documenting the proceeding is also valuable for legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring that businesses maintain precise records of their conversations. In essence, transcribing meetings promotes clarity, teamwork, and productivity in the fast-paced, information-driven business world.

Popular Meeting Transcription Apps

Meeting transcription apps are innovative tools that use AI to convert spoken words into written text during meetings. These apps offer real-time or post-meeting transcription services, enhancing communication and productivity in professional settings. They help capture crucial details, action items, and discussions, making it easier for teams to follow up, stay organized, and maintain accurate records of their meetings. With features like searchability and easy sharing, these apps streamline information retrieval and collaboration, ensuring that important insights are never lost or overlooked. Here are 5 top meeting transcription apps:

  1. You can configure to automatically “participate in” and record your virtual or hybrid meetings by integrating it with popular calendaring services. It provides a summary of the transcribed meeting notes from the audio recording, that you can immediately share with your team. To generate a meeting transcription outline, you can also upload slide shows to With the ability to quickly annotate, modify, and share notes with your coworkers, you can save time and cut down on the number of meetings you need to hold.
  1. Fellow: Fellow streamlines all of your meeting requirements. It allows you to selectively record essential information on the agenda, as opposed to other transcribing apps that record every word said during meetings. As a result, your meeting minutes are easier to skim and there is no information overload. You can also quickly arrange meetings using its simple meeting agenda templates. These templates also simplify delegating action items and ensure that your team never misses a deadline. Fellow allows you to maintain constructive, open team talk outside of meetings using a peer feedback option.
  1. Notta: Notta is a user-friendly speech-to-text tool that offers a Chrome extension, mobile app, and browser version. With an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 98.86%, it stands out as one of the most precise and competitive transcription programs available. Moreover, Notta prioritizes data privacy by encrypting all your private data while in transit, ensuring it neither collects nor shares data with external parties. It offers both real-time and post-recording audio transcription capabilities. You can even configure a Notta Bot to participate in your video conferences on platforms like Zoom. Furthermore, the app seamlessly integrates with Notion, simplifying the process of saving your transcripts there. This versatile meeting transcription program allows you to organize your transcripts into unique folders for easy management. It also provides additional editing features, such as annotating your transcriptions with images and other content.
  1. Aigram: Airgram boasts a substantial customer base, with over 2,000 enterprises relying on its services. It maintains an impressive transcription accuracy rating of 98.3%. What sets Airgram apart is its AI assistant’s capability to not only join and record Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom calls but also manage your entire meeting call workflow seamlessly. One of its standout features is the integration of meeting agenda templates, facilitating productive discussions. Airgram ensures that your meeting agenda remains prominently displayed while it records and transcribes the entire event. After the meeting, you can effortlessly organize your transcripts, meeting notes, and recordings within a unified dashboard. The rich-text editors within Airgram offer versatile tools, allowing you to incorporate text, agendas, images, bullet lists, and more using simple slash commands. With just a few clicks, you can follow up on action items and efficiently distribute meeting notes.
  1. Chorus: This meeting transcribing tool empowers managers to support their sales teams by recording sales calls and meetings. The robust Chorus system offers a range of features including enhanced pipeline visibility, proactive alerts for transaction risks, effective call reviews, and automated call evaluations. Its ability to track progress and provide personalized feedback for each sales representative makes it an excellent tool for enhancing sales team skills. Chorus conveniently stores emails, phone calls, and in-person meeting records in a user-friendly interface for easy access. You can rest assured that your stored interactions are kept secure, adhering to the software’s enterprise-grade security standards. Chorus leverages its own language models to enable precise recording analysis, thereby enhancing the accuracy of transcriptions for every conversation.

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Meeting transcription apps have fundamentally transformed how business professionals conduct meetings. By providing real-time transcription, including customized solutions for particular industries, these advanced tools are helping professionals improve collaboration, productivity, and overall efficiency. However, as these apps may not always provide the same level of accuracy as human transcriptionists, businesses should considering investing in meeting transcription services. Professional transcription services can ensure accuracy even with complex or technical content, ensuring that valuable information is effectively conveyed and understood by all participants.

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