Why Video Transcription Is Significant

by | Published on Aug 13, 2021 | Digital Transcription

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Video Transcription

Video publishers create and publish a number of videos that may become popular on the web. Video publishing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Watch and many others are very popular and publishers can acquire a number of subscribers and thereby considerable revenue through their videos. To increase the popularity of your videos, you need to transcribe them so that text can be included along with the audio. This can be done with speech recognition technology, human transcriptionists or by combining both of these. A professional video transcription service can provide customized transcription at cost-effective rates.

Let us look at the advantages of transcribing video content.

  • Accessibility to Hearing Impaired People: People who have difficulty in hearing cannot enjoy any audio or video content. But with a transcript, deaf people can also enjoy the media content. Transcribing the video with closed captions helps to provide excellent viewing experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Moreover, federal law requires that videos be transcribed and captioned for all federal agencies. Video accessibility is mandated for broadcast media and for “places of public accommodation” like museums, libraries, and universities.
  • Improves Viewing in Sound-sensitive Environments: According to PEW Research study, 31 percent of adults in the USA are constantly online. People who listen to your audio or video content while they are on the go like when travelling in a train, when in a noisy cafeteria etc. cannot enjoy the content due to noisy surroundings. Not every environment is conducive to playing audio. But having a transcript helps them to consume the content and prevent them from bouncing off your site.
  • Better SEO and Increase in Video Views: An SEO study by SafeNet compared the search rank for web pages with video transcripts. In less than a month, the pages with video transcripts climbed the ranks in Yahoo and Bing for a targeted keyword phrase, moving from no listing, up to 14th, then to 9th and 11th place, respectively. Search engines cannot crawl or decipher audio or video content, but with a transcript the content becomes more visible to the bots, and it will be indexed and ranked. Including relevant keywords will also help with your SEO keyword strategy. This makes it easier for your target audience to find the content.
  • Interactive Transcripts Increase Engagement: You can also make your video transcript interactive by highlighting words as they are spoken in time with the video. This helps the viewers engage more with the video and reinforces the content since it can be read and heard at the same time. It also allows the user to click on the text to jump to that point of the video. This provides a better and smoother UX instead of having to mark timecodes when navigating a video.
  • Increased Video Search and User Experience: When a viewer gets access to your video transcript, there is a great potential for better user experience. Adding a transcript gives viewers an alternative option for better understanding the video’s content. It also makes it easier to search for video with keywords or topics.
  • Useful for Non-native English Speakers: Video transcripts help ESOL viewers to fully comprehend your content. The transcript serves as a reference for vocabulary and spelling, and it can be used as study guide. There are approximately 4.9 million ESOL students in American public schools. So, to make your content more accessible for millions of people, transcribing your video/ audio content is essential.

Partnering with a reliable media transcription service will assist in generating high quality and accurate transcripts of your videos. They offer customized service according to the needs of the clients and ensure quick turnaround time.

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