How Digital Transcription can make Your Website more Accessible

How Digital Transcription can make Your Website more Accessible

How Digital Transcription can make Your Website more Accessible

Making your website more accessible is about creating a great user experience. While the internet has made it easy for people to find the information they need, the big question is: is the content accessible to everyone? A major portion of online content is in the form of multimedia content such as audio, video, podcasts, and webinars. Digital transcription, captions and subtitles make audio and video content accessible not only to people with disabilities but also to those who need it for study, to explore quotes, or just get basic information from it. Digital transcription agencies can provide high quality transcripts of different types of video content.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 54 million people are living with disabilities in the U.S. In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, “Almost one in four adults ages 20 to 69 who reported good to excellent hearing already have some hearing loss.” Catering to this audience is not only important for ethical reasons but also to maximize business potential. In other words, if you exclude people with hearing impairments from your target audience, you would be omitting a significant portion of your market. By making your audiovisual content accessible to them, you can attract more people to your website and also make them feel included.

Benefits of Making Audiovisual Content Accessible with Transcription

Transcripts or text versions of video or audio content are usually provided along with the original media and support a wide range of user needs. While basic transcripts are a text version of the speech and non-speech audio information needed to understand the content, descriptive transcripts also include a text description of the visual information needed to understand the content.

Descriptive transcripts make video content accessible for people who:

  • Have hearing or visual impairments
  • Wish to read, scan or search the text version of the video’s content
  • Have insufficient mobile data and cannot download the media files

Providing transcripts is the only way to make the video content accessible for those who have both hearing and visual impairments. With a transcript, the content can be translated by braille devices.

Other benefits of making your media content accessible with digital transcription:

  • Increase accessibility to your audio-visual content
  • Make the audio and visual information meaningful to people with hearing impairments
  • Make this audience feel included
  • Make content accessible to people with certain psychosocial disabilities and limited intellectual abilities
  • Meet ADA requirements and avoid the risk of litigation
  • transcripts can be repurposed into other types of content, such as blogs, articles, slide presentations, infographics, and social media posts

Boost Search Engine Optimization with Transcription

One major benefit of making your multimedia content accessible with captions and audio transcription is that it boosts search engine optimization. In fact, transcripts have emerged as an effective SEO tactic. With transcripts, Google bots can crawl all the content in your video and understand it. Without text to accompany it, Google cannot determine the context of your multimedia content. Adding transcripts and captions to your video will make the content visible on search and boost SEO by increasing views, engagement, and search ranking.

Paginated transcripts can improve accessibility to long-form video or video that extends over 5 minutes. Long-form videos like a webinar, TV show or recorded event provide more in-depth information and have to be placed prominently at the top of the page. The long transcript of the video can be broken up and placed on separate pages. The transcription of each page should optimize with the right keywords based on the topics discussed at that particular point in the video.

Paginated transcripts will give you the opportunity to

  • Target additional keywords
  • Increase the overall size of your website
  • Get more indexed pages and rank higher
  • Increase internal cross-linking

Overall, digital transcription improves SEO and accessibility to your site in many ways. The following statistics from Search Engine People provide evidence of the SEO benefits of digital transcripts:

  • After transcribing all their audio content, the radio show This American Life (TAL) found that 6.68% of search traffic is due to transcripts. TAL noted that a portion of their unique visitors who had found their site through search landed on a transcript page. The transcript pages also accounted for a 4.36% increase in inbound traffic and a 3.89% increase in inbound links.
  • Two other studies reported that pages that had transcripts earned on average 16% more revenue than those that did not have transcripts. It was also found that Youtube videos with captions earned 7.32% more views overall.

If you have the time, you can transcribe your media content yourself using a transcription tool. On the other hand, when quality and time are the prime considerations, professional transcription services are definitely the better option. An expert can provide you with accurate and in-depth transcriptions that can go a long way in making your website more accessible.

Top 10 Video Meeting Transcription Software

Top 10 Video Meeting Transcription Software

Top 10 Video Meeting Transcription Software

Businesses need a dedicated note taker during business meetings or interviews to get the meeting minutes, right? Precise meeting notes and accurate transcripts are important for any future reference regarding the decisions made in the meeting.

Why not take support from professional meeting transcription services or consider using reliable software to get error-free transcripts? Video meeting transcription software is now available to easily record and transcribe everything that’s said during a video meeting or conference.

Take a look at the top 10 video meeting transcription software you can consider.

1. InqScribe



This transcription software supports most USB input devices. Users can play videos and type transcripts in the same window. It allows inserting timecodes anywhere in the transcript. You just need to click on a timecode to jump to that point in the meeting video.

This tool can play audio & video files directly from a hard drive, flash drive, CD, server, or URL (HTML5). It runs on virtually any recent Mac or Windows system. Users can export the final transcripts in any format, including Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, YouTube, XML, HTML, and more. As the tool is Unicode compliant, you can even use multiple languages in the same document.

2. Otter



This AI-powered software helps generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations. It provides live transcripts for Zoom meetings and webinars. It is also of great assistance for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and those with disabilities.

Otter’s 2.0 version is designed mainly for small and medium businesses and teams in larger enterprises. It also adds more functionality to improve collaboration and productivity.

3. Express Scribe

express scribe


This professional audio player software for PC or Mac allows users to automatically scan and load dictations from Express Delegate, FTP server, LAN, local computer folder or directly from a portable dictation recorder (Dictaphone).

Its audio playback option can be set to suit the user’s typing skills or the quality of the audio recording that you are transcribing. It also features multi-channel control, a video player, and file management.

4. Go Transcribe

go transcribe


Powered by artificial intelligence, Go Transcribe is quite fast and can return files in minutes. It features a custom dictionary that allows adding custom vocabulary to improve speech recognition accuracy by prioritizing certain words when transcribing.

You can easily mark each paragraph with a separate speaker. Speaker names can be added using speaker labels, which help improve readability.

5. Reason8

reason 8


Using AI technology, Reason8 can automatically take notes during meetings. This award-winning software creates transcripts behind the scenes and offers the best quality transcripts together. Its meeting playback option is available at 6 different speeds so that users can quickly review the whole transcript. The entire transcript can be downloaded as a .tsv file, which can be opened in Excel.

6. Happy Scribe

happy scribe


This tool uses the latest technology and provides the services of professional transcribers to transcribe meetings conducted in Skype, Zoom or Whereby with the best quality. Users can choose between human or automatic transcription. Transcripts can be exported in TXT, DOCX, PDF, HTML, and many other formats.

7. Temi



This advanced speech recognition software features a free transcription editor that lets users edit transcripts online in minutes. Transcripts can be downloaded into text (MS Word, PDF) or closed caption files (SRT, VTT). You can not only record memos, lectures, and meetings, but also organize edit, and share recordings.

8. 360converter

360 converter


Using this software, users can easily transcribe video, audio, speech as well as voice files, which could be local files, internet files, or even files in cloud storage, Google Drive and Dropbox.
9. Sonix


This AI-powered software is the best way to transcribe Zoom and Join. me meetings. It comes with great features such as – can transcribe audio and video files in over 37 languages, automated diarization, correctly label who said what with the speaker dropdown, automated timecode realignment, multiple custom dictionaries, and more.

10. GoToMeeting

goto meeting


This reliable and secure meeting transcription software has advanced features that support businesses to deliver the best web conferencing experience. It serves as a smart meeting assistant to automatically record and transcribe online audio and video meetings.

Even though such software can provide transcripts in minutes, there are possibilities that background noise, videos with multiple speakers, and unclear audio files can all disrupt an automated transcription. To prevent such issues, it is ideal to consider partnering with a business transcription company with relevant experience in providing accurate transcripts for audio or video recordings.

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How Transcription Can Improve Editorial Workflow

How Transcription Can Improve Editorial Workflow


Creating and publishing great content is an essential element in digital marketing. This requires superior writing skills and a proper content marketing strategy with a planned and effective workflow. Many businesses also rely on digital transcription agencies to transcribe audio and video content to improve their content marketing and SEO efforts.

Editorial Workflow in Content Development and Distribution

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action (Content Marketing Institute). Content work flows help eliminate the common problems associated with producing content and ensure that it is produced and delivered on time. The editorial workflow process is a critical element when it comes to producing high quality digital content. Transcription can improve the editing workflow.

The content marketing team is responsible for developing relevant, high-quality content from specific ideas and meeting delivery deadlines. The editorial workflow comprises the steps followed to create content and includes everything from strategy and ideation to publication and distribution.

The editorial workflow simplifies the content development process by:

  • defining all the tasks
  • managing content ideas
  • identifying the path of every piece of content created
  • identifying the person/team managing each of those steps
  • defining the timing for completion of tasks
  • notifying stakeholders in the appropriate order
  • evaluating the overall progress of your content

A well-organized editorial workflow process is transparent, efficient, saves time and resources, and drives the company’s content marketing strategy forward.

Role of Transcription in Editorial Workflow

Editing is an important aspect of the post-production process and involves various steps. According to Cine D, following these strategies can ease the process:

  • shoot for the edit
  • make sure you have enough material
  • watch all the clips and arrange them in order
  • filter unwanted footage using the editing tool
  • transcode the clips
  • build the timeline relevant to the story
  • create continuity and flow in the video
  • edit the end of the video

Transcripts can play a key role in improving the complex editorial workflow process. Let’s see how you can edit videos using transcripts.

  • Transcribe the video: Video transcription involves listening to the video recording and converting the spoken words into a well-formatted, easy-to-read digital document. So the first step in the editing process to get the video footage converted to text. Videos that contain interviews, conversations, presentations, or testimonials feature a lot of spoken discussions. Video transcription service makes the content easier to understand. A good video transcript would include an accurate text version of the content, speaker names, verbatim dialogue, relevant quotes, punctuation, spelling and grammar, and time stamps.

    Transcription identifies speakers, makes the content accessible to the hearing impaired, supports viewing in noisy settings, drives SEO and video views, increases user engagement, and more. There are two options to consider when it comes to transcribing videos: doing it yourself or hiring a digital transcription service provider to ease this laborious task.
  • Organize the transcripts: It’s important to be able to access, search, and edit your audio transcripts easily. After you receive the completed transcripts from your transcription company, make sure they are organized on your hard drive or your cloud storage platform.
  • Find the relevant content: When editing video content, you need to quickly find what is necessary for the narrative. Using transcripts in the video editing process eases this process. Instead of digging through the footage and finding the best quotes, you just need to refer to the transcript. A searchable interactive transcript is time-synchronized and highlights the words as they are being spoken in a video. You can quickly read and use the find function to search the transcript with key terms, phrases, names, data, etc., to find the best bites to tell your story. Highlight the best elements.
  • Mark timecodes and make a paper edit: Make sure that you note the file name and timecode for each bit of content in your transcript that want to use. This will help you find the exact place where your clip is available. Next, copy and paste the filename, timecode, speaker name, and selected phrases and quotes in a new document. This will make the next step easy: organizing the text in a paper edit.
  • Cut the video footage: Once you have the text description of the cuts to be made in the raw footage, you can cutting the video using the editing software. Open your transcript in another window when you are editing your video. You can search the transcript to find what you want for the narration, which will go a long way in improving your editing workflow.

Having a proper editorial workflow process in place helps to avoid setbacks and allows you to produce quality content more effectively. A business transcription company can help you optimize the editorial process with quality written content. Partnering with a professional service provider is important to get accurate transcripts in fast turnaround time.

Standardize Your Employee Training With Digital Transcription Agencies

Standardize Your Employee Training With Digital Transcription Agencies

Digital Transcription

The nature of work seems to have changed forever over the past two years and companies of all sizes are now adapting to hybrid home and office working. Advanced video conferencing technology along with the services provided by digital transcription agencies allow meetings and conferences to proceed smoothly and keep teams on the same page. Having a flexible, well-trained workforce is key to keep pace with potential future changes and challenges and digital transcription support can help standardize employee training programs.

Importance of Employee Training

With new technologies and competition on the rise, training is crucial for employees to function at their full potential. With many working from home, organizations are looking to training them to perform their jobs well. According to a 2020 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the knowledge and service industries are giving employees more training on new technology and equipment.

There are many reasons why employee training is important:

  • Untrained workers tend to make mistakes which costs time and money to correct.
  • Proper training reduces risk of mistakes and inefficiencies and can protect your company’s reputation with clients.
  • Providing mindfulness and resilience training can reduce stress and anxiety and help employees handle the recent changes in work-life balance
  • Upskilling your employees builds confidence in them and creates a better working environment.
  • Training can create a team of motivated, engaged and skilled employees.

“Despite these unpredictable times, many employers are maintaining their upskilling and reskilling initiatives, which is critical to maximizing talent and bridging the skills gap,” said Trent Burner, vice president of SHRM Research (

Types of Digital Employee Training Programs

Digital employee training programs are important given the trend towards a hybrid work culture. Talentlyft identifies five ways to implement online training sessions for staff:

  • Augmented Reality enables hands-on learning in a structured, interactive way and helps employees practice tasks without risk of injury or endangerment.
  • Shart-term learning programs or microlearning are ideal for employees who have very busy schedules and cannot focus time on training every day. Learning activities conveyed via videos and podcasts supported by audio transcription, etc.
  • Adaptive learning involves using computer algorithms for interactions with the trainee
  • Social learning: In social learning, employees learn continuously from their colleagues through blogs, discussion forums, live chats, videos, podcasts, etc.

Innovative learning expert Jim Guilkey advises managers and trainers to review technology options to find what works best for their organization’s needs. Like many other experts in the field, he recommends a using a blended learning approach of short, self-paced digital modules that feature foundational knowledge and performance-support tools that allow employees to use their new knowledge in the field (

Forbes Human Resources Council member Cara McCarty of Cognite observes that using a blend of live and recorded sessions with a diverse group of business leaders for training new employees will encourage them to build relationships, learn company strategy and better understand ownership.

Training Programs – Role of Digital Transcription Services

In this digital world, problem solving, digital skills, creative thinking, and collaboration have become increasingly important. Before undertaking a task, employees want to be informed and trained to do it well. They want material that is readily available and can be used and reused. In the current scenario, companies can make this possible with effective e-learning practices and tools, including transcripts. Digital transcription supports training programs in various ways:

  • Quality content: Quality content is one of the biggest challenges when implementing training. Using video transcriptions as part of your training material is a great way to ensure quality content. With transcripts, you can present virtual training programs in a text-audio-video format. Interactive transcripts show text phrases as they are spoken. Users can select text in the transcript and go to that point in the video.
  • Update information easily: Information and concepts are always evolving and training materials need to be reviewed frequently. Transcripts make this task much simpler and can save time and money. Compared to content in video or audio format, transcripts are easier to edit and bring up-to-date.
  • Make training material available for review: Some employees may need additional time with the concepts. Trainees can review the transcripts at a convenient time to understand the content better. If someone had technical glitches during the session, providing transcripts will also ensure that they don’t miss vital information.
  • Improve accessibility to the content: Some people find it challenging to understand audio-visual training material completely. Digital transcripts are important for those who process text information better than audio and visual information. They are useful for those with physical or learning disabilities and language barriers.
  • Save time: e-learning tools and digital transcripts save time on training. Employees can log in when they can and complete their training faster, which increases the organization’s overall productivity and revenue.

Transcribing an audio files takes time and that’s why many organizations choose to outsource this task. An experienced business transcription company can ensure accurate and timely digital transcripts to support your employee training programs.

How Market Research Transcription Is Significant for Businesses

How Market Research Transcription Is Significant for Businesses

Market Research Transcription

With the economy becoming more and more competitive each passing day, a good knowledge about the market condition and buying behaviour of the customer is essential when launching or designing any product or service. Market research refers to the process of gathering information like current market trends, spending traits of customers etc to determine whether a product or service will satisfy the need of customers. Accurate documentation of any market research conducted can be ensured via transcription provided by a reliable digital transcription service.

Market research involves gathering, analyzing and interpreting data about markets, products, services, customers and competitors to make informed business decisions. It helps business organizations to keep up with the latest market trends, reach the target audience, and gain a competitive advantage. It enables companies to analyze new areas of expansion, understand the needs of customers, identify problem areas, set achievable goals for business growth and product development, identify new business opportunities, and make the right market decisions.

Market Research Transcripts as Analytical Tools

Market research is conducted in the form of interviews, discussions, meetings, surveys and so on and market researchers may have several recordings that need to be transcribed and studied. The audio to text transcription can be tedious and time-consuming, and therefore most market researchers prefer to have the transcription done by a business transcription firm. The research recordings should be transcribed accurately and the transcripts serve as analytical tools for market researchers, making it easier for them to process, analyze and compare the results. The results of the analysis can be used to make the right business plans and decisions.

Advantages of Market Research Transcription

  • Have the Required Reports and Notes: During personal interviews and discussions, it is not possible to remember all important points, take down notes or analyze them. It is also important to take down all the important points with utmost accuracy. In this fast-paced business world, everyone wants quick results and nobody has the time to transcribe each and every word in an audio recording. The best solution is to have a professional business transcription company transcribe the recordings, whether audio or video, into accurate detailed transcripts containing all the important information.
  • SEO: The transcripts of the audio recordings of interviews and discussions are an excellent source of valuable content for your website or blog. It helps to create useful content that is informative, relevant and would serve to attract more users to your website. With a transcription service, it becomes easier to convert the audio files into informative content. The transcripts can be turned into excellent blogs or articles or other forms of content. You can also use quotes and statements from different records to use in other posts and support your author’s opinions.
  • Transcripts can be Preserved for Future Use: The recordings of interviews and discussions are valuable materials for market researchers and these can be transcribed and preserved as transcripts. You can also categorize them in the right order and store them safely. These transcripts can be used for further comparison and better study of the market conditions. You can also keep a collection of your audios that can be used for cross reference purposes.
  • Capture Each and Every Detail of Interviews and Discussions: The speakers participating in interviews and discussions may have different accents and dialects, and other speech issues that may be difficult to transcribe. Market researchers are trained to analyze and study data whereas transcriptionists are trained professionals who can understand different accents and words and they can transcribe each word carefully.

Market research is very important from product design to marketing strategy and a professional online transcription company can convert all important market research data into accurate transcripts. With these transcripts, market researchers can find the right information necessary for companies to make smarter business decisions and also to meet the demands of their customers.

Why Market Research and Transcription are Growing in Importance

Why Market Research and Transcription are Growing in Importance

Market Research

Marketing is an integral element of business operations in any industry. It’s not enough to just produce quality goods and services – you need to get them out there and sell them. And this is impossible without market research and transcription. Market research involves getting in touch with your target audience via interviews and surveys to understand their personas, likes and pain points, so that you can craft or modify your products/services to appeal to them. To analyze the audio/video records collected from customer interactions, they have to be transcribed into coherent text. Today, in the new normal, digital transcription service providers have their hands full as businesses ramp up market research to gain insights about customer experiences and aspirations.

Reports highlight Importance of Market Research during the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed social and economic dynamics, businesses will need to adapt and think of new ways to support their customers. This first step towards achieving this would be to understand their changing needs and concerns through market research. Here are the reasons why market research has a critical role to play in the present times:

  • To Understand Market Trends: There are several factors at play which are affecting market forces such as the economic slowdown and job loss, COVID-19 vaccines and drugs and their impact, federal and state/local fiscal and stimulus responses, including any lock-down policies; and consumer behavior in the face of economic uncertainty (David Sprinkle, Publisher, Packaged Facts, Comprehensive market research can help industry players and market analysts keep track of trends and the evolving picture.
  • To Analyze Customer Behavior: It has been found that customers are now more willing than ever to voice their opinions, aspirations and concerns online. Online research tools can be used to study customer reactions, and obtain tangible insights. Focused surveys enable companies to get in-depth information about customer attitudes. These strategies can help businesses identify growth opportunities and take informed decisions.
  • To Identify New Market Niches and Potential New Customers: Even as it is taking its toll on the globe, the pandemic has also created opportunities for companies to take steps to address new needs along the way, notes a article. Market research can help companies find new niches and potential new products and services. Zoom, for instance, found massive success when it took advantage of the work-from-home policy that became the norm during the pandemic.
  • To Gain Vital Insights about the Future: According to Plunkett Research, Ltd., with everything from telemedicine to online grocery ordering to streaming entertainment soaring during the pandemic, literally 10 years’ worth of growth in digital adoption and behavior were compressed into a few months’ time in 2020 (Jack W. Plunkett, CEO, Plunkett Research, Ltd., Market research is essential to understand whether this behavior will continue into the future.
  • To Anticipate Potential Market Risks: Researching the market can help uncover potential economic and financial risks as well as likely factors to monitor as a source of market threats. Common market threats businesses face include new entrants or substitute products or services. Identifying threats and risks have become even significant for businesses to create products that offer customers value for money and stay ahead of competition in the present scenario.

Both primary and secondary research are utilized to obtain data. In addition to conventional tools like focus groups and surveys, market research now incorporates newer tools like social media data. The result is hours of recorded audio. Businesses need to analyze this information to understand the factors that drive purchases and conversions among their target audience, their competition, and their challenges. This is where transcription can help.

Organizations can rely on business transcription services to obtain accurate and detailed documentation the interviews, discussions and focus groups. Analyzing this information will help them understand market research results and use it for future development. The availability of audio transcription services and other advanced tools for data processing is proving invaluable during the pandemic as businesses now need to get market research results quickly and plan ahead.