Dos and Don’ts to Consider Before Choosing a Transcription Service

by | Published on Mar 26, 2021 | Transcription Services

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Transcription Service

Business organizations are greatly dependent on transcription service for transcribing various audio and video recordings of meetings, conferences, and other events. Transcription is the process of capturing speech content, from audio or video files into text. The content to be transcribed can be an interview, meeting, lecture, training, and so on. Transcribing makes it easier for the audience to consume the content and find the information quickly. Today, with access to many business transcription services, companies can easily convert their audio or video recording into text format.

Transcription helps to eliminate any audible distractions that might distract the verbal elements of a presentation. It removes any stumbles or long pauses that occur when the presenter gets a drink of water or needs to collect his/her thoughts. Given the importance of transcription services in any business setting, here are some of the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while choosing a transcription service:


  • Do Consider their Reputation for Accuracy: Accuracy is assured by every service provider but it is hard to achieve. In the absence of an established track record or quality certification, the only way to test for accuracy is to verify the work delivered. You can check their portfolios or consult with their previous clients to know the rate of accuracy of the service.
  • Do thorough Research on Different Transcription Services: There are many transcription services available today. So, research about each and every company thoroughly and look for information about their transcription services to find a reliable company.
  • Do know About What you Want in Advance: Before hiring a transcription service, it is important to have a clear idea about what you need like, do you want business transcription or audio transcription or video transcription. You must also have a clarity about what type of transcript your need. There are two types of transcripts- verbatim and non-verbatim transcripts. Verbatim transcription is the process of converting all that you hear in your audio or video file into written format, even the verbal signs, hesitations, repeated words or phrases and the background noises. Non-verbatim transcription is a clean readable text that contains the essential meaning behind spoken statements. This eliminates all repetitions, false starts and other non-verbal utterances and provides a clean text.
  • Do Focus on Prioritizing Confidentiality: Business documents consist of sensitive and critical information. So, when you are looking for transcription services, make sure to find a company that guarantees confidentially. Make sure to look for data protection. Look for ISO accreditations 27001 and 9001. ISO 27001 relates to information security management. Today, the main thing driving the priority of data protection is the GDPR. All businesses that have customers in the EU follow GDPR and it means taking the responsibility of your business partners and how they handle data.


  • Don’t Choose the Service Based on Prices: Everyone looks for the best price when choosing a transcription service but it is best not to choose a service that is provided at very cheap rates. Always consider the value that you receive for your money.
  • Don’t Ignore the Turnaround Time Factor: Time is crucial for any business and quick turnaround time is something that always businesses look for. When you need audio and video files transcribed quickly, promised turnaround times matter. So, do not forget to look for quick turnaround.
  • Don’t Forget Non-Disclosure Agreement: Never hire a transcription service that skips non-disclosure agreement. This is an essential agreement between a client and transcriber to prevent sharing of confidential information with third parties. This ensures safety of both client and the service provider.

The art of transcription requires a high level of concentration and skill. Transcriptionists should be able to distinguish between words and other noises in order to produce an accurate and easy transcript. Businesses in numerous fields now rely on general transcription services for transcribing their business recordings. Professional business transcription services ensure accurate transcription, delivered on time at competitive price and also makes sure that your files are safe.

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