Significance of Legal Proofreading

by | Published on Apr 8, 2014 | Transcription Services

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Legal ProofreadingAccurate documentation is crucial for the smooth conduct of legal proceedings which would, in turn, reflect on the productivity of the legal practice. The proofreader is therefore an important cog in the documentation process. Legal proofreading involves ensuring accuracy and clarity in content with extensive and detailed checks pertaining to grammar, punctuation, consistency, spelling, and readability. Accuracy and timeliness in proofreading improves the flow of legal proceedings.

Professionals who handle the job need to have good knowledge of complex legal terminology as well as proficiency in spelling and grammar. They should appropriately adjust the format, style and language in order to make the document a good representation of the specific context. However, they should ensure that the actual information conveyed is not altered in any way. Whether it is for contracts, dissertations, court documents, business letters, journal articles, conference papers, books or legal content for websites, proper proofreading really matters.

When it comes to legal transcription, the best option for quality documentation is a professional legal transcription company. With good command over the English language and excellent knowledge of legal terminology, their team of expert transcriptionists would be able to provide quality legal transcription services which ensure error-free documents in the required turnaround time. The proofreading services offered by the team would include

  • Correcting punctuation errors
  • Seeing to consistency in language and vocabulary
  • Spell checks and amendments
  • Replacing inappropriately placed clauses
  • Formatting and numbering of documents
  • Creating headings and sub-headings
  • Maintaining a logical structure for the document
  • Use of suitable words
  • Generating table of content and bibliographies

Even a minor error in the legal documentation can lead to unwanted consequences and that is why it is important to get professional support. Reliable firms put every document through multiple level quality checks so that 99% accuracy is assured. In addition, they provide legal transcription services at affordable rates with 30 to 40% savings on operational costs.

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