Legal Proofreading – an Important Legal Process

by | Published on Jul 1, 2013 | Legal Transcription

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Legal proofreading is all about ensuring exact representation of content in the legal documents without compromising grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency and readability. Professionalism, precision and timeliness in proofreading are essential if lawyers, attorneys and judges are to conduct legal proceedings smoothly.

Legal documents are distinguished by the particular language employed and their distinctive style. Just as legal transcription professionals, legal proofreaders also must have extensive knowledge in complex legal terminology and the skills to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Not only that, they must be able to improvise the format, style and language choices contained in a legal document. These processes are done without changing the information contained in the document in any manner. Some of the legal documents that need thorough proofreading are contracts, journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, court documents, business letters, books and legal content for websites.

You can hire a professional legal proofreader who has qualities such as good command over English language, the required knowledge in legal and court terminology and of course, sufficient experience in the said field. A professional legal proofreader can provide the following services.

  • Rectifying punctuation errors
  • Using appropriate words
  • Ensuring consistency in vocabulary and language
  • Formatting and numbering of legal documents
  • Creating headings and sub-headings
  • Creating content table and bibliographies as per your needs
  • Grammar checking

If your documents are in Word format, a professional proofreader uses the track changes feature in Microsoft Word that easily allows you to navigate between changes and accept the amendments suggested by your proofreader. After proofreading your document, you are provided with two files, the tracked version and clean version of the processed document. In the tracked version, you can see the changes made by the proofreader and clean version is the complete processed document you’ve been waiting for.

Professional proofreading service from reliable BPO companies is a practical alternative, which will help you save 30 – 40% on operational costs. Being an important legal process, legal proofreading has to be professionally done. A simple punctuation error in the legal document can result in a considerable difference in meaning. Professional proofreading service providers have editors who are thorough with various legal terms and their implications. They know the right phrases and sentences to use in order to convey the correct meaning. A professional proofreader can ensure strong sentence construction and coherent presentation of the processed legal document.

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