Check out Our Top 10 Blog Posts for the Year 2020

by | Published on Dec 29, 2020 | News

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Top 10 Blog Posts

As an experienced legal transcription service provider, we assist legal as well as business entities including solicitors, attorneys, insurance firms, court recording companies, financial companies, media entities and management consultants with their transcription requirements. We also focus on publishing blogs that are of interest to our valued clients, including those on the relevance of transcription for their specific businesses. Here’s a review of our top 10 informative blog posts for 2020.

  1. Best Video Conferencing Options for BusinessesMany popular free as well as paid video conferencing options are available for businesses and other work groups to collaborate, even during COVID-19. This post discusses some video conferencing tools such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, Webex and Slack.
  2. How to Improve Online TeachingWe did a post that shares six key ways for teachers to improve their online teaching methods and skills. With the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching has become more significant than ever. In this situation, educational institutions have been forced to bring their courses and classes online.
  3. Guidance for Getting Workplaces Ready for COVID-19The World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other experts have made certain recommendations that businesses can consider to make their workplaces safe from the novel coronavirus and other infections. This post discusses those key recommendations.
  4. Adapting Business Marketing Strategies to the “New Normal”Both large and small businesses operations were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To adapt their marketing strategies to the new normal, businesses can consider focusing on digital marketing, developing a crisis communication strategy, using video communication and other tips discussed in this post.
  5. Tips for Successful Video Interviews during Times of Social DistancingWith travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and social distancing considerations, more and more businesses are now considering online interview as a safe and comfortable option to hire new employees. This post discusses five video interview tips for businesses to succeed in the current competitive scenario.
  6. Best Strategies to Conduct Meetings and Write Effective Meeting NotesBusiness meetings should be planned and conducted properly. It’s also crucial to ensure effective note taking of the proceedings. This infographic is about the best strategies organizations can consider to conduct meetings and write effective notes.
  7. Dos and Don’ts of Taking Meeting MinutesTaking effective meeting minutes such as meeting start time, reason for the meeting and names of participants is important for organizations to record important decisions for future reference, increase productivity and streamline work processes. This post provides more information on taking meeting minutes.
  8. Tips to Maximize Efficiency When Working From HomeWith the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people across the world work from home, leading more companies to rethink their policies and roll out work-from-home policies. Employers working remotely can consider many things such as using the right technologies and taking proper security measures and other tips discussed here to maximize their efficiency.
  9. Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19 LossesBusiness interruption insurance helps to cover loss of revenue following a disaster or catastrophic event. It is usually included in a comprehensive insurance policy as an add-on. This post provides more information on the conditions that trigger business insurance coverage.
  10. How to Repurpose Video Content with Transcription and Other StrategiesOutdated videos used for marketing can be refreshed by repurposing the content. Repurposing involves transforming it into various other forms of content using video transcription and other strategies. Here we discuss those strategies businesses can consider.

We know our clients and potential customers are eagerly waiting for more informative blogs on business transcription from our team. In 2021 too, we’ll make sure to provide more and current information on transcription in our blog session.

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