How to Repurpose Video Content with Transcription and Other Strategies

by | Published on Jun 23, 2020 | Digital Transcription

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Video Content with Transcription

Creating and posting videos is a great marketing tactic, that if done right, can help businesses get more engagement and more results. But videos can become outdated after being watched several times. One good thing about business videos is that you can take them refresh them by repurposing the content. Repurposing a video involves transforming it into various other forms of content using video transcription and other strategies.

  • Make shorter videos: Making a video involves considerable time, effort and money. But when a video has been watched several times, it will become outdated. Repurposing your video into multiple, smaller videos can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Most people don’t finish watching long videos. Studies say that the average adult attention span is about 8 seconds. In this fast-paced world, shorter videos tend to work better than long, especially on social media. According to industry statistics, successful in-feed videos tend to be between 15 and 90 seconds ( Break up your long video into smaller ones and customize them for various social media channels. This will not only help extend the life of your visual content, but also help you target busy viewers who don’t want to watch anything longer than a few seconds. Ideal content formats for social media include short clips and product GIFs, testimonials and webinars.
  • Turn videos into transcripts: Take your video transcripts and add it into the HTML of the web pages on which the videos are posted as well as in the video description section on YouTube. Optimize the transcripts with keywords, just as is done for blog posts. A digital transcription service provider can help you create written text from your video files. Adding transcripts to videos will help your SEO efforts and increase inbound traffic and user engagement
  • Transform video transcripts into blogs and other written content: Most types of business videos can be repurposed. Videos that are at least five minutes in length can be repurposed into blog posts and even eBooks. Post the blogs on your website and on LinkedIn and other sites. Transcripts can also be used to produce tutorials on specific topics. An interview format video can be turned into an FAQ or Q&A page. A corporate story video transcript can be used for the About Us page of your website.
  • Make trailers for social media: Videos posted on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter generate more likes and shares than images and text combined. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, Twitter and Instagram allow only short videos. Instagram allows just one-minute of video, while Twitter allows 2 minutes and 20 seconds of video. So, make interesting trailers or short cut versions of your original video for Twitter and Instagram.
  • Turn the video into a podcast: Like blog posts and videos, podcasts have their own specific audience. You can use a software program to turn your video into a podcast by converting into an MP3. After editing the file, adding the artwork and uploading it to your podcasting host, you can submit it to directories where people can find and enjoy it.
  • Create web images: Stock images come at a price. You can use images from your business video to create attractive images for your blog posts, web pages, social media, and more.

“There were many elements that went into the making of your one awesome video. Many of those elements can be repurposed and stand on their own to act as an orchestra of amplification that can help you achieve the multiple impressions necessary to convert a prospect into a customer”, says Stanley Meytin, CEO of True Film Production in his Forbes article on repurposing video.

Similar to video, which has the best repurposing potential, transcripts also offer a great basis for repurposing video content as articles, social media content, and more. An experienced video transcription service provider can help you create accurate transcripts cost-effectively and in fast turnaround time.

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