What is a Seminar, What are the Advantages of Getting them Transcribed?

by | Published on May 13, 2014 | Seminar Transcription

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SeminarSeminars are mostly good sources of valuable information, opinions, views and insights. For businesses, information gained from seminars help in decision-making, knowledge analysis, forming conclusions, marketing and much more. Seminars need to be transcribed for archival purposes and future use and this has to be done very carefully and accurately. Seminar transcription offers many benefits.

  • Transcribed seminars offer valuable data to the press and the media thus helping to build up constructive news and positive public opinion for the enterprise.
  • The textual representation of seminar data aids the organizers to elucidate and evaluate the ideas, insights, and core purposes of the context to the media and the target audience.
  • This would help people who could not attend the seminar to get informed about what was discussed and deal appropriately with future proceedings associated with it.
  • Documentation of a seminar is beneficial for hearing impaired people who can read the transcripts and understand the content of the seminar. The seminar contents can be made available for a wider audience.
  • A written format of seminar proceedings helps business analysts to draw conclusions regarding the various matters discussed.
  • More than podcasts, search engines can do a good job at finding text-based information. When the transcribed record is put on the organization website, it could bring in more traffic for specific keywords.
  • Transcripts always help to keep a record of the subjects covered within a specific seminar. You can get back to the records to reconfirm on a specific matter or to clarify any missing information.
  • Transcripts can be used to create informational e-books, articles, reports, workbooks, or newsletters.

Business owners, professors, students, managers, legal and medical professionals can benefit from quality seminar transcription. There are established transcription companies that offer quality seminar transcription services and skilled professionals there would provide customized solutions. They could offer non-verbatim transcripts or word-for-word transcription depending on your specific requirements.

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