How Webinar Transcription Improves SEO and Content Marketing

by | Published on Jul 22, 2014 | Seminar Transcription

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Webinar TranscriptionWebinars play a significant role in today’s eLearning and product advertising strategies. Interactive seminars posted online offer a great opportunity to fresh material and promote interactive questioning. This popular and cost-effective mode of engaging with people online can be made even more effective with video webinar transcription. Documenting to make the content of the webinar can make it easily accessible for your audience as well as for search engines.

Let’s see how the transcription of webinars can help you meet your business goals:

  • While videos are great, search engines love good text. Presenting the audio content of the seminar in text format and optimizing it with the right keywords makes it easy for search engines to find it, which will work to enhance your page ranking
  • Interactive transcripts offer a better user experience which will increase user engagement. In fact, studies show that users tend to watch the full video when it is accompanied by captions or subtitles
  • By paginating your video transcript, you can create linking opportunities to attract more inbound links. Once the video landing page is created, you can link to a page with just the text transcript. This will work great for your off-page SEO.
  • Video seminar transcription facilitates deep linking on YouTube, bringing more eyes to your webinar.
  • Translated transcripts play a good role in promoting the product to an international audience. Unlike a video with just a single audio language, digital transcription of the audio in different languages would provide even greater visibility.
  • The transcripts of the webinars can be used for product & support documentation, case studies, whitepapers, infographic content, slideshare transcripts and event summary blogs.

A combination of video and textual copy enhances elearning opportunities and make the webinar a virtual training handbook. Webinar transcripts also improve communication in a much affordable way and exploring the many benefits that this option offers to market your content can take your search engine optimization efforts to a new level.

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