How Can Seminar Transcription Save You Time & Money?

by | Published on Jan 20, 2023 | Business Transcription, Seminar Transcription

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Seminar Transcription

Seminars are gatherings where significant issues are discussed and a variety of educational presentations are given. Typically, transcriptions of seminar sessions are made and kept as digital files for use and reference in the future. A seminar can be planned by asking a speaker to address a particular subject, or by sending select employees to a workshop or seminar that has already been planned outside the organization. Recording and transcribing the entire lecture with the help of business transcription services is crucial in both situations so that future employees and individuals who were unable to attend the event can review the recordings. This helps save time and money by preventing the need for repeated seminars on the same subject.

Tips to Save Money and Time by Outsourcing Seminar Transcription

  • Accurate documents with easy searching and quick access: It goes without saying that reading a document quickly is considerably simpler than listening to recorded audio. It can be very difficult to skip directly to the section of the seminar or conference call that interests you if it lasts for several hours. With seminar transcription, you are provided with a searchable document in the desired format, be it an editable MS Word DOC file or an Adobe PDF file. A document like that may be searched through in a matter of minutes.
  • Time-saving, highly accurate transcripts that have been proofread: Time is money, therefore receiving a transcript with errors that need to be manually edited is a waste of your valuable time. A professional transcription service ensures that the document is proofread thoroughly, verifies your transcript and fixes any mistakes before emailing it to you. This ensures that you receive a high-quality document that will save you time and money.
  • Convert and put the transcripts to new use: Transcripts can be formatted in a number of ways for data and conversations that are internal or external. Texts can be translated into other languages, published as a research paper or ebook, turned into an infographic or other sort of visual content, used as a report, or captioned. A skilled seminar transcribing team may repurpose your transcript so that it can be used to produce blogs, websites, forums, or news articles if you prefer your transcript to be readable like a book. All of that writing expertise combined with good editing abilities can produce a wonderfully readable book that will make it simpler for you to read and understand the content.
  • Create an eBook for later reading: Seminar recordings can be converted to transcripts and then into an ebook-friendly format, such as MOBI or EPUB, if you want. You may therefore access the converted transcript directly from your email and read it whenever is most convenient, whether you have an Amazon Kindle, an iPad, or any other tablet.
  • Utilize in marketing: With the help of text copies of your seminar, provide a record of your event. Repurpose them to advertise your projects, goods, and services. Make promotional videos, for instance, based on your recordings and transcripts.
  • Have your seminar transcribed while you’re asleep: You may easily outsource seminar transcription to a reputable company, and the transcribers will take care of everything if you’ve recorded a seminar, webinar, lecture, keynote address, or an entire business event on your recorder, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or a digital recorder. You just need to provide the transcribing style, the deadline hour, and any supporting documentation, and you’re set to go.
  • Transcripts from seminars are easier to share: Transcripts should be shared online to reach a larger audience, improve SEO, and develop thought leadership as an individual, company, or enterprise. Distribute seminar transcripts to coworkers, managers, and staff members to impart key information from the session. You can save money and time by educating others through reports or presentations rather than spending a lot of money on training and development.

Apart from saving time and money, there are a number of reasons to transcribe a seminar. The presentation’s text can be seen by those who have hearing impairment. It also enables those who learn information more effectively visually, to read the material repeatedly and allow it to sink in. Thirdly, the first few lectures from several seminars can be collected into a book or other publication for dissemination.

Therefore, hiring business transcription services to do the job for you is the ideal option to get your seminar transcribed. To assure a top-notch final output, they study the seminar tape and go through a three-level quality check procedure with the transcripts. This saves the clients time and money while ensuring the accuracy of your transcripts.

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