Top 5 Call Transcription Tools to Streamline Your Meetings

by | Published on May 2, 2023 | Digital Transcription

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Transcription Tools for Businesses

Meetings and conference calls must be recorded, transcribed, and archived, but managing these processes in-house take time and obstruct the conversation’s natural flow. Many businesses are now hiring digital transcription agencies to ensure accurate and timely records of their meetings and conference calls. Using transcription software is another option for transcribing your calls into accurate documents.

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How Call Transcription Helps Business Meetings

Conference call transcription provides verbatim records of business meetings. The transcripts allow participants to review anything they forgot or missed. Those who couldn’t attend can be provided with a link to the transcript to know what happened. With call transcription, participants can concentrate on the dialogue rather than taking notes during the meeting. People who are deaf or hard of hearing who require information in a comprehensible manner can particularly benefit from transcripts. It is also useful for people who struggle with auditory processing issues or who speak English as a second language.

Uses of Call Transcription

  • Consumer support: Customer support calls can be recorded for reference or analysis using automated call transcription. This can be helpful for keeping track of customer complaints, spotting patterns or problems, and generally enhancing the customer experience.
  • Market research: Automated call transcription can be used to record focus groups or phone interviews, making it easier for researchers to summarize and analyze the findings.
  • Legal proceedings: Automated call transcription can be used to record court proceedings or witness testimony in order to provide documentation or evidence.
  • Meeting records: Transcribing conference calls or meetings enables participants to quickly evaluate and distribute the discussion’s material.
  • Telemedicine: Using call transcription to record phone or video calls with healthcare providers, patients can review the details of their appointments or share them with other healthcare professionals.

Five Best Tools For Call Transcription

  • Threads: All VoIP calls made on your network will be promptly picked up by Threads and transcribed, making all of your calls completely searchable. Additionally, Threads enables you to record calls from your present system without modifying the current configuration, so there is no need to change anything. This conference transcribing software has a shared email inbox capability in addition to real-time, precise transcription. This boosts productivity by giving team members access to call transcripts and recordings in the context of all your conversations.
  • Otter: By automatically recording and transcribing calls, Otter makes it simple to search through voice chats. Otter can comprehend and record discussions that take place between numerous persons. It permits real-time recording and examination of the transcribed text. The chats are easily searchable and accessible from any device. Otter is quite helpful for teams because it allows you to collaborate and share voice comments with others.
  • Trint: An AI-based toolkit called Trint can be used to search, transcribe, and share media information. Trint can transcribe both audio and video data. It contains an advanced editor that adheres the transcribed text directly next to the relevant location in the video or audio file, making it simple to check or update the text as necessary. Trint also provides search functionality for the audio and video files.
  • TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe’s hybrid model of speech recognition technology plus dynamic quality assurance by actual expert transcribers may be the ideal option if you require a human touch in addition to the automatic transcription. The accuracy of the transcribed text is ensured by a combination of voice recognition software that transforms speech to text, automated quality checks, weekly spot checks, and professional peer reviews. If transcribing errors are going to be expensive, TranscribeMe might be worth looking into.
    • Zoom: If the majority of your business meetings take place online, Zoom is an excellent option for recording and transcribing conference calls. With Zoom’s audio transcript feature, you can have the audio of a conference call or business meeting that you record in the cloud immediately transcribed. The list of recorded sessions includes a separate file for the transcripts.

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Reliable call transcription tools can provide meeting transcripts that are thorough, accurate, and of the highest quality. This can help you analyze the conversation to uncover insights. They can save you the time and effort of having to watch the full video recording of a meeting in case you require any specific information from it later on. Meeting transcriptions, when done correctly, can provide a quick, dependable, and simple approach to extract information from an audio or video recording. Digital transcription agencies can edit and proofread the machine-generated transcripts so that the content will reflect the audio recording far more accurately.

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