Tips to Conduct Effective Conference Calls

by | Published on Feb 17, 2017 | Conference Call Transcription

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Conference CallsWith conference calls and conference call transcription, physical distance and time constraints have ceased to be communication barriers for businesses. That business conference calls are becoming increasingly important is evident in recent developments, such as Volvo plan to add Microsoft’s Skype for Business to its new 90 Series range of cars. This means you can attend conference calls when you’re on the road, besides being able to view upcoming meetings and their participants. Just one click via the vehicle’s large central display is all that you need to join an important conference call!

With the popularity of the conference call, it’s important that you master the art of conducting the virtual meeting. Here are some tips:

  • Present yourself well: Your appearance and attitude are crucial to make an impression. Smile, as this can project positive energy and confidence. Speak energetically and passionately to build rapport and keep participants interested in what you’re saying. You also need to dress well for your video conference call. A neat professional appearance is important. Wear subtle shades and designs to avoid diversions.
  • Maintain focus: This is crucial to ensure that the meeting is not too lengthy or boring. Focus on the matter in question without going off the track. Avoid the use of distracting elements such as mobile phones and other devices and keep them out of sight. Etiquette is crucial – give your full attention to the participants.
  • KIS-keep it simple: When it comes to technology, keep it simple. The conventional conference call requires just a few things – an Internet connection, computer speakers, microphone, or telephone for audio, and a webcam. Larger groups may also require a projection screen. Recommended online web options include Adobe Acrobat Connect, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Office Live Meeting and WebEx. On the other hand, there are many innovative messenger apps that allow you to conduct conference calls conveniently and for free. Check out Skype, Facebook Messenger, Line, Hike, and WeChat.
  • Finally, prepare well: Set and send your agenda in advance. Note down the points you wish to make. You can even create visuals to support your message and send them to the participants before the meeting. This will encourage active participation.

Your task is incomplete if you do not make arrangements for text records of your conference call. While conference calls allow you to interact and collaborate with people anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection, transcribing these calls would help you maintain accurate records of the event. Choose an experienced business transcription company to handle your conference call transcription. A reliable outsourcing company can provide you with accurate transcripts of your call recordings in fast turnaround time and at affordable rates.

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