Why Businesses Should Use Conference Call Transcription

by | Published on Sep 26, 2023 | Conference Call Transcription

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Use Conference Call Transcription

Conference calls are a requirement in business. Business communication has evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic, with increased usage of conference calls and Zoom meetings. Post-conference, sifting through all of these audio and video recordings to find the pertinent information can be challenging. Fortunately, conference call transcription has made things easier, allowing companies to recall what was discussed and maintain a record of it for future use.

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Importance of Conference Call Transcription

According to Microsoft Workplace Insights estimates, the pandemic has caused a 10% increase in weekly meetings, or an additional three meetings per employee on average. Conference calls offer advantages such as reduced travel time and expenses. However, as firms become more global, conference calls have become increasingly difficult to manage. It can be difficult to follow what is being said since speakers may have various accents, speeds, or dialects. In a survey by Atlassian, conference attendees on average admitted to daydreaming 91% of the time, doing other work 73% of the time, and sleeping 39% of the time.

These issues make transcribing conference calls very important. These calls contain crucial business information and it’s crucial to accurately record and transcribe the dialogue, and make it accessible to attendees. Professional transcription services can ensure accurate documentation of the discussion. Error-free documentation will reduce the frequency of follow-up meetings and help ensure precise meeting notes.

5 Ways Conference Call Transcription supports Businesses

  1. Boost your reach: In today’s interconnected world, businesses operate without geographical boundaries or limitations. They can collaborate with partners, clients, and employees from across the globe. However, this global outreach brings challenges such as varying time zones, language barriers, and cultural differences, making effective business communication a challenge.
  2. Conference call transcription serves as a solution to these challenges by facilitating asynchronous communication among organizations and their clients or partners spread across different time zones. Even if a participant cannot attend a meeting in real-time, they still receive accurate, automated post-meeting reports. Additionally, for non-native English speakers, having access to transcripts helps in comprehending the meeting discussions more effectively.

  1. Find information quickly: Conference calls serve as an efficient means to engage with clients and senior management, fostering idea exchange, updates, and team training. Typically spanning 45 to 60 minutes, these calls can become tedious and time-consuming when revisiting recordings in search of specific details. However, documenting these sessions streamlines the process, offering a swift and effortless way to access critical information. Transcripts enable you to quickly pinpoint specific terms or phrases, while speaker labels aid in filtering content. Whether you’re tracking deadlines or tasks, using keywords or timestamps, transcripts ensure that no crucial details go unnoticed.
  1. Improve SEO: Audio files cannot be indexed by search engines. Google and other search engines cannot analyze the content within audio files since they cannot “listen” to them. Only written content, with its associated keywords, can be recognized and understood by search engines. To improve the discoverability and ranking of your audio content, it’s essential to provide transcripts. Transcripts render your audio content searchable and offer a source of keyword-rich material with minimal effort. This not only enhances your online visibility but also empowers website visitors to delve deeper into your business offerings. Furthermore, by utilizing transcripts from corporate conference calls, you can construct a robust backlink strategy that elevates your website’s rankings and naturally amplifies your content.
  1. Ensure adherence to the law: Depending on your business’s nature, you may be legally obligated to record and transcribe all conference calls. While recording isn’t always mandatory, it adds a substantial layer of legal protection. Incorporating conference call transcription into your company processes reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur during manual note-taking. It also simplifies the task for legal professionals who need to review hours of conversations. This becomes especially critical when you need to substantiate claims regarding verbal contracts with clients, external agencies, or interviewees. To proactively prevent legal disputes, fines, or other penalties, sharing the transcript and meeting recording with clients can be a prudent practice. Incorporating this measure not only bolsters legal compliance but also enhances transparency and trust in your business operations.
  1. Minimize risk of miscommunication: As per the Association for Psychological Science, note-taking during meetings plays a crucial role in enhancing comprehension and overall understanding. Nevertheless, there is a downside to traditional manual note-taking-it can lead to factual inaccuracies and misinterpretations. This can be both risky and potentially problematic, particularly when dealing with clients and other stakeholders. The practice of transcribing conference calls offers a solution by providing everyone with access to a singular, unambiguous source of information. Verbatim transcription ensures that attitudes and viewpoints remain unaltered, preventing any potential distortions or misrepresentations. This approach promotes accuracy and transparency in communication.

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Transcribing your company conference calls not only ensures that nothing is overlooked, but it also preserves information future reference. Conference call transcription makes sure that everyone is aware of important details and that nothing is missed or misunderstood. This will guarantee that each meeting is productive for all parties, and In the long run, result in time, money, and resource savings.

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