Resourcefulness of Presentation Transcription

by | Published on Feb 6, 2015 | Presentation Transcription

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Presentation transcription is one of the major services that an experienced and reliable legal transcription company offers. Presentations are often indispensable since nothing is as effective in getting the point across in a powerful yet interesting manner. They are used by attorneys, prosecutors and law firms to make their point clear. PowerPoint presentations can convey complex and advanced concepts in simpler and more effective terms.

How Outsourcing Presentation Transcription Helps

Presentation TranscriptionTranscribing presentations is one of the clearer transcription tasks since the details are quite legibly presented. However, presentations and slide shows can also be presented orally as part of conferences or meetings. An experienced transcription company can offer transcription of the entire meeting along with the presentation.

It can also provide real time transcription of such presentations followed by the question-and-answer session. It has the technology to transcribe video or audio recordings of PowerPoint presentations or carry out live recording and transcription of the session. Presentations through podcasts and webcasts can also be captured. Apart from PowerPoint presentations, reliable legal transcription service providers can also transcribe those created with other software, courtroom presentations, hearings, and trial presentations.

Transcribing Presentations within Videos

PowerPoint presentations are often part of videos. Not only does it serve the needs of presentations in meetings or for posting in blogs, but it also helps in communication within the organization on important aspects. An experienced transcription company would be capable enough to handle any kind of transcription requirement.

What makes an experienced presentation transcription service versatile is the training and experience of its transcribers who are not only skilled in gleaning the details of a video, but are also equipped with state-of-the-art software that can help in data capture, the actual transcription process, and subtitling. These features help in accurate transcription and also facilitate greater user-friendliness of the transcribed video containing the PowerPoint presentation.

Verbatim or Non-verbatim Transcription

The transcripts of presentation sessions could be verbatim or non-verbatim, and the transcribers are trained in legal terminologies and procedures. Before handing over to the client the transcripts are also edited by legal experts to ensure that there are no mistakes. With non-verbatim transcription false starts, filler phrases, unnecessary words, etc can be avoided. Slang and grammar issues are also fixed.

Outsourcing presentation transcription is cost-effective and worthwhile. The right legal transcription company can capture all the details from a slide show or a presentation.

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