Involvement of Transcription in Real Estate Industry and Its Transactions

by | Published on Mar 25, 2014 | Real Estate Transcription

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Real Estate Industry TransactionsIt may seem strange that transcription services are used when buying or selling a home. Real estate brokers and other business professionals such as sales personnel, lawyers, loan consultants and inspectors may have to deal with different types of files such as lease agreements, offer contracts, purchase contracts, residential closings, legal recordings of real estate deals, recorded notes relating to construction sites and buildings, lead forms, assignment of mortgage, heirship affidavits, eviction notices, easement forms, and more. The accuracy of this report with all the specific details is the most important thing as far as the buyer is concerned. Real estate transcription services can be beneficial here as well to properly document notes in text format.

Considering the case of a home investigator, rather than writing down all the notes and reports, a dictated report allows the investigator to easily move from one room to the next without stopping. Professional transcribers can transcribe these dictated reports into accurate documents in the required format.

Established transcription companies provide both general and legal transcription services for various industries. While general transcription for real estate includes audio recordings of on-site observations, interview recordings and phone recordings, legal transcription includes hearings, testimonies, pleadings, interrogations and all files related to real estate litigations. Such reliable legal transcription companies can provide:

  • The service of experienced transcriptionists with strong background knowledge of the real estate and property sector and its terminology
  • Secure file transfer options via FTP or browser-based 256 bit AES encryption protocol
  • Flexible dictation options via digital recorder or toll free telephone number
  • Three level quality checks by editors, proofreaders and documentation specialists in the field to ensure accurate output
  • Data in customized turnaround times
  • Cost-effective services where clients can save up to 40%
  • Round the clock dedicated transcription services

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