Importance of Accurate and Timely Court Proceedings Transcription

by | Published on Nov 12, 2012 | Court Proceedings Transcription

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Lawyers require transcripts for a wide range of court proceedings such as hearings, arbitrations, briefs, pleadings, meetings, depositions, bankruptcy court proceedings, and criminal court trials. The accurate recording and documentation of any court trial is necessary.

  • The court transcript is accepted as the official transcript for the legal case. For instance, if the case is appealed, the court transcription provides the basis for further legal action. The judge refers to the transcript to see how the trial proceeded and how the evidence was presented.
  • All court proceedings have to be accurately transcribed as accuracy is the key to legal appeals. A single word or phrase that is wrongly interpreted could determine the outcome of the trial.
  • Court proceedings must be transcribed on time and in keeping with legal deadlines. The inability to complete a transcript on time could mean that the litigants are denied access to the judicial record. This could put the lawsuit at risk.

For all these reasons and more, busy legal practices have taken to outsourcing their court proceedings transcription to professional legal transcription companies. This would guarantee accuracy and timeliness. The strengths of a competent service provider would include:

  • A trained and experienced workforce adept at documenting proceedings on a wide range of legal issues. The professionals would have the ability to transcribe even poor diction, strong accents, and so on.
  • Quality control measures to ensure accuracy. Every unfamiliar word or term is checked using a legal dictionary. The transcript is proofread to check for errors in meaning.
  • The expert team can handle high volume jobs and complete the legal transcription in fast turnaround time.
  • Complete document flow management for easy file tracking.

With the capability to assure their clients cost savings of up to 40%, the legal transcription company’s services have become an invaluable asset.

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