Importance and Advantages of Captioning in Video Transcription

by | Published on Aug 9, 2016 | General Transcription

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Advantages of Video Transcription and Adding CaptionVideo transcription is the process of creating a text version of each and every word spoken in your video. It involves carefully watching and listening to the video and preparing a text version of the same along with a suitable caption. Usually, time codes are added to ensure that video sites and search engines know the exact time when each sentence is spoken. Video transcription and captioning enables viewers to clearly understand the video with rewinding or forwarding. Video transcription services are value-added services provided by general transcription providers that enable businesses as well as individuals to publish and share their videos. Here are some of the advantages of transcribing your videos with appropriate captions.

  • Ease of access for hearing impaired people: Just like the normal population, individuals with hearing disabilities also need to access information or resources. Adding captions to the video or transcription of video helps deaf or hard of hearing viewers to read and understand the content.
  • Improves viewing in sound sensitive surroundings: With added caption, viewers can watch the video even when the audio is not available or in a noisy environment. Viewers can read the caption and enjoy videos in sound sensitive environments.
  • Better SEO and increase in video views: Transcription of videos improves SEO and with transcripts search engines can crawl the full text of the video or audio. A study with This American Life (TAL) showed that adding transcripts improves SEO. In 2015, TAL showed that the organic search increased by 6.68%. A study by Discovery Digital Network showed that YouTube videos with captions gained more views than ordinary videos.
  • Creation of derivative content: Content creators and market researchers use recorded video or audio to create clips, reels, and montages. However, sifting through that content without transcripts is quite intimidating. On the other hand, if transcripts of the videos are available, these can be scanned and accessed easily using key phrases or topics. It also helps in taking valuable content from the transcript with just copy and paste button.
  • Increased video search and user experience: Video transcripts also help viewers to find what they are looking for and this can increase traffic and also improve customer satisfaction. In a study by MIT Open Course Ware, 97% of the students said that videos with transcripts enabled quick learning.
  • Easy to translate into foreign language: With a video transcript, translation of that video content into any other language becomes easy and quick.
  • Better comprehension: Transcripts of videos enable online reading and learning and also enhance the experience of viewers who are watching them. It also helps in deeper understanding of the concept discussed.

The need for accurate information is crucial when it comes to communicating your intentions and messages clearly and efficiently. Therefore, whether audio or video recordings, professional and dedicated transcription is essential.

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