How Video and Podcast Transcription Can Help Your SEO

by | Published on Nov 21, 2014 | Podcast Transcription

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SEOConverting speech or dictation into text or transcription is a process that is widely used by several industries. Legal transcription helps attorneys document and present their cases, while medical transcription helps physicians manage patient information and improve care. Businesses of all kinds are now realizing that posting transcripts of videos and podcasts related to their products and services can help with their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Posting transcripts of these visual mediums online improves the visibility of the business on search engines and drives more traffic to its website. In other words, business transcription can promote SEO.

How does a transcript of your business video improve your visibility on leading search engines like Google? Well, a video or podcast cannot go viral if the search engine does not know what it is about. Posting a written equivalent of the visual medium with appropriate keywords will allow Google to index these keywords, evaluate the content, and determine if it will benefit users. So a transcript attached to the video with the search phrases included will make your content more easily visible to your audience. The media transcription service provider can help optimize your content with the keywords provided by your SEO company.

Here are the important advantages of video and podcast transcription:

  • The message on podcasts or business related videos can be reinforced with transcripts. If the recording is not enough to deliver the intended message to the visitor, a well-written, accurate transcript can help. Some visitors would prefer to read well-summarized content rather than spend time watching a lengthy video.
  • If you want to reach out to a diverse audience, subtitles in several languages with the video would be an advantage. A single video in a specific language won’t work to attracting global audience, but the subtitles can really make a significant difference.
  • Regularly updating content is recommended to maintain your web presence and posting transcripts of the recordings would meet this goal.
  • You can reach out to the individuals with hearing impairments with a video with subtitles or a transcribed summary of the video.

The transcript should be pasted in your video description along with a brief description of your video. This method is idea for a short-video format. In the case of long-form videos, the transcript can be used to make a keyword-rich summary or a blog on content of the video.

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