Human Transcription vs. Transcription Software

by | Published on Jan 30, 2015 | Transcription Services

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Legal TranscriptionLegal practices striving to increase revenue and stay competitive in the field may choose transcription software packages to save time. However, several reports show that human transcription is more accurate than that created by transcription software. Technological advances such as voice dictation software might be suitable for taking down the words of a single, non-accented speaker when there is no background noise, no interruptions and no acronyms or jargon. In comparison, a professionally trained legal transcriptionist can provide more reliable and accurate services.

Factors that make human transcriptionists a better option than transcription software include:

  • High accuracy rate – Higher accuracy rate is crucial for legal cases. With human transcriptionists, the average accuracy rate is a stunning 99.6 percent with good audio. This cannot be expected from transcription software.
  • More intelligent – Professional transcriptionists are intelligent enough to provide precise results in the face of many issues that transcription software may not be able to handle, such as background noise, dialects, overlapping speech, highly technical content such as jargons and acronyms and multiple voices or people speaking over one another.

Now comprehensive legal transcription services are available for various legal reports such as court proceedings, legal letters, depostions and interrogations. When choosing a legal transcription company, legal firms should focus on the years of experience, work quality and most importantly reliability. Reputable firms use innovative technologies and skilled manpower to provide flawless transcripts. Professional firms usually train their transcriptionists in various areas of law including – criminal, business, personal injury, family, human rights and real estate. This is to ensure that their legal clients receive intelligent transcription services in keeping with their particular requirements.

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