How Transcription Services Help Qualitative Researchers

by | Published on May 13, 2022 | Transcription Services

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Transcription Services for Qualitative Research

Qualitative researchers often record their interviews and transcribe the recordings in order to gain more understanding of the subject matter for data analysis. The audio content has to be transcribed accurately so that no information is missed. Listening to audio recordings and transcribing them manually which takes hours, if not a full day, can be exhausting. That’s why researchers prefer to partner with digital transcription agencies when they have a large number of audio recordings to convert into text.

Live research interviews, focus groups, events, etc are a vital part of how qualitative researchers gather data for any project. A qualitative study requires the transcription of many hours of audio/video interviews and observations. It takes four to eight hours to transcribe just one hour of audio. Today, qualitative researchers are increasingly relying on outsourced transcription services to make sure that their interview sessions are captured effectively. Experts will ensure that the transcripts can be compared with the actual recordings to see whether anything was omitted or misquoted.

Advantages of Using Transcription Services for Qualitative Research

  • Saves time: Outsourcing transcription to a professional transcription service allows the researchers to focus better on analyzing data instead of wasting time on transcribing. Moreover, with their typing skills, professional transcriptionists can document large volumes of recordings in just a few hours.
  • Data quality: Outsourcing your transcription tasks will ensure data quality. The transcribers work according to your specifications and help you produce quality data. You don’t have to spend time editing transcripts or correcting mistakes and finding inconsistencies in the data.
  • Helps with data analysis: Transcription services can also be useful for content analysis. With accurate transcription of interviews, qualitative researchers can perform better content analysis — identify patterns, themes, or other interesting characteristics in the text. This makes it easier to identify trends, important points, and other key information.
  • Speed and efficiency: It can take hours for qualitative researchers to complete transcription on their own. There are instances where researchers are unable to pay due attention to their research project because of this. By outsourcing transcription tasks, you can save time and focus on important project tasks.
  • Quick sharing of research findings: Qualitative research always involves more than one researcher working on the project. Accurate transcripts of the interviews and other recordings related to the research can easily be shared among the research team.

There are many automated transcription software available online. The automated option can help if you have time constraints or are simply looking to get your project done as quickly as possible. However, it can lead to costly errors, inaccuracy, inconsistency, and other mistakes. If accuracy is a priority, choose an academic transcription service.

Professional transcriptionists will capture the audio content correctly. A trained transcriptionist takes the time to listen and re-listen to the audio recording. This allows them to capture every single word and pause, ensuring that your message comes across as intended. In addition, they will understand pronunciations, identify the different speakers and name them correctly. They can provide both verbatim and non-verbatim transcription, whereas an automated transcription tool only transcribes what it hears.

Qualitative research project can involve many audio or video recordings. With transcripts generated by professional digital transcription agencies, researchers can get quality transcripts that clearly present all the data, making it easier for them to identify key information for their study. Transcription is a vital part of qualitative research. Reliable research transcription services can make their life easier and allow them to focus on their work.

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