How Transcription Services Can Help Businesses Grow

by | Published on Sep 17, 2021 | Business Transcription

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Transcription Services

Businesses today rely on transcription services with the objective of improving productivity and efficiency, and to gain a competitive advantage. Timely transcription of audio and video recordings of their business interactions into text format with the help of business transcription services enables businesses to have easy and anytime access to the documents they need. Professionally transcribed documents record all important discussions and decisions, and saves you from remembering or debating over trivial issues. Transcripts provide an accurate, digital indexing of meetings, interviews and other interactions, and are searchable. These accurate transcripts can be also used to draft business letters and reports that can be shared among your employees, clients, customers and shareholders. All types of business entities, including legal offices can benefit from flawless transcription of various important recordings.

How Businesses Use Transcription Service

  • Audio and Video Transcription: Businesses generate several audio and video recordings of presentations, conference calls, business events, training sessions etc. All these recordings may have critical data that can be converted into text format.
  • Market Research Transcription: This refers to transcription of audio gathered in the course of market research that can be converted into textual version. It helps to document useful insights like customer feedback, trend analysis, and market condition that helps business owners to take effective decisions.
  • Podcast Transcription: Podcasts are a convenient way to reach out to a larger audience. These podcasts can be transcribed accurately and the transcripts can be used as content to drive more traffic to your website, landing page blogs etc. Having transcripts of your podcasts helps to improve its visibility in search results so that more people can access them.
  • Meeting Transcription: Businesses conduct several meetings both offline and online and crucial financial marketing information is exchanged and discussed during these meetings. Such information is required to adopt new competitive business strategies and decisions. Meeting transcripts provide a written record of everything that was discussed and these can be accessed for future reference at any time.

Why Businesses Should Use Transcription Services

Transcribing business interactions helps to record, store, and share a log of everything that happened during the event or interaction. A major advantage of using professional transcription service is that the speed, efficiency and eye for detail of a trained transcriptionist are practically unmatched. The following are some important reasons why businesses should hire transcription services.

  • Better Involvement and Concentration of Participants in Business Interactions: Business interactions like meetings, video meetings, and conference calls involve many people communicating with each other. These interactions are important and total involvement from all the participants is essential. Taking down meeting notes can be a distraction for the participant. So, it makes sense to hire a reliable transcription service provider that will carry out the transcription task flawlessly.
  • Helps to Make your Podcasts, Videos and Audios more Inclusive: There may be hearing-impaired people working in your company, or there may be people who are hard of hearing among your partners or stakeholders of your business. Transcribing videos, audios or presentations about your business growth, employee training sessions etc. allows hearing impaired people to be informed about the decisions made in a timely manner. Transcribing podcasts, and videos about product tutorials allows customers with hearing disability to know about your business and your products and services. Giving a textual version of business interactions, or podcasts or videos also show your respect and concern about hearing impaired people.
  • For Good SEO: Audios, videos, podcasts about new product launch, services, business events, customer experience, market research etc. can be converted into text and then into content for your website. It saves the digital marketing team’s efforts and time by providing all the needed information to them in a documented format. When the transcripts are repurposed as good articles or blogs, or other form of content, it would help improve the SEO of your website or public page on social networks with first- hand information.

Case Study to Consider

Law firms and legal offices for instance, require transcription service for the following:

  • General correspondence
  • Court proceedings
  • Legal pleadings
  • Subpoenas
  • Sworn statements
  • Summons
  • Depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Memorandums
  • Public hearings

These audio recordings may be in diverse formats such as Digital Audio Files (.wav, .wma, .mp3, .dss, .dvf), Digital Video Files (.wmv, .mpeg, .mov, .avi), DVDs, Audio CDs, cassette tapes and micro cassette tapes.

Our company, Managed Outsource Solutions provides value-added transcription service to legal entities among other business organizations that assist them in streamlining their functioning and growing their business. Read one such example here, where we assisted a reputable law office which handles cases related to family law, personal injury, criminal defense, business law, civil rights litigation, and other areas for Hamblen County, Tennessee residents and the surrounding areas.

Conferences, meetings on Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams, business events etc. can be transcribed immediately for convenience and ease of use. By outsourcing to providers of business transcription services, businesses can document the valuable insights in the various recordings that are necessary to improve the quality and speed of business decisions, and make better use of time to focus on underlying organizational dynamics, mitigate risk and thereby boost business growth. Businesses can restructure the transcripts of podcasts, webinars and videos into content for eBooks, and websites. With the right SEO strategies, the visibility of these content forms can be increased, and thereby also increase traffic to your website.

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