How Digital Transcription Benefits Lawyers

by | Published on Aug 6, 2013 | Digital Transcription

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Data and time management are crucial for a successful law practice. Digital transcription is more suitable for lawyers to attain these goals compared to traditional transcription modes like analog. Digital transcription service providers can convert information recorded on a digital recorder or saved in digital format (audio, video or images) into clear and accurate text documents.

Here are the main advantages that legal professionals enjoy by going digital with their dictation.


Analog is often characterized by distortions, speed variations, and noises which make can make accuracy a problem. Dictation on tapes can get damaged and become difficult to understand. Moreover, tapes can get lost in transit. High resolution digitally recorded dictation eliminates most of these issues. Sound quality is assured with digital, leading to high accuracy levels for transcription.

Professional legal transcription service providers can transcribe digital files in any audio or video formats such as AVI, MOV, MP3, DSS, MPEG, WMV and more. Moreover, stringent quality checks ensure that the final transcripts have the highest levels of accuracy.

Safe and Easy Online Transfer of Dictation

Digital transcription facilitates browser-based file transfer or upload of the files on a secure FTP server so that they can be downloaded by the legal transcription company for documentation. Lawyers can send or receive information to or from a specific location through online network.

In addition to easy transfer of files, digital documents can be easily shared across networks if necessary. Transcribed documents such as court transcripts, law office recordings, legal pleadings, licensing appeals and more can be easily shared with authorized personnel from anywhere. So, digital transcription provides quick and efficient access to legal files. The other benefits for lawyers are:

  • Allows real-time monitoring of transcripts
  • Changes can be made in the dictated information during transcription
  • Facilitates easy file search and retrieval

Better Work Flow Management

As digital transcription involves the documentation of digitally recorded files instead of those on analog tapes, multimedia/SD card can be used to store critical information such as interviews, interrogations, and more. A substantial amount of information can be saved securely. Moreover, companies offering digital transcription services provide their clients with work flow management software that can efficiently monitor and report the work flow.

Assurance of Confidentiality

The confidentiality of legal information sent out for transcription is crucial. This is assured with digital transcription. Secure file transfer protocol with 256 bit AES encryption is used for online transfer. With FTP, lawyers can easily and securely upload their digital audio files on the Internet with secure access for the transcription company to download the files, transcribe them, and upload the final documents.

Low Cost

Transcribing digital recordings will take less time as they are of superiror quality. So transcription costs will be less for digital. Browser-based file transfer also eliminates postage costs for sending audio cassettes to the transcription company. Transcription companies may charge at an hourly rate in the case of audio tapes due to low quality recordings. As digital recording ensures high quality, many service providers charge a fixed rate per minute. So digital transcription services are cost-effective too.

All these benefits can be enjoyed by outsourcing digital transcription to a reputable transcription company.

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