Guidelines to Conduct a Video Conference Call

by | Published on Dec 18, 2018 | General Transcription

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Conferences and meetings are widely used in almost all industries and it is an effective way of interaction among the participants. These are the venues where valuable business insights are derived and exchanged and are also the best occasions to build rapport among team members. With various advancements in technology and communication and the advent of mobile phones, video conferencing has become much easier and comfortable than earlier days. Video conferencing is a strong way of communication between employees because important commitments, decisions and resolutions are taken during a conference call or video conferencing. The entire meeting proceedings can be transcribed into useful reference notes with the help of general transcription providers.

Video Conference Call

Video conferencing is a technology that allows a number of people to visually connect and interact with each other. Businesses can hold video conferences with anyone at anytime without travelling or changing locations. You only need a mobile phone or a monitor with webcams for video conferencing. This process is more engaging and creates a feeling that all the participants are a part of the meeting and are directly in contact.

According to a recent survey, 62 percent of executives agree that video conferencing creates a stronger relationship and enhances communication more than its audio counterpart. Another study showed that 94 percent of companies found that video conferencing increased efficiency and productivity, while 88 percent said that it increased the impact of discussions. Given the significance of video conferencing, there is no doubt that it must be planned and conducted well.

The following are some tips to conduct a successful video conference.

  • Before beginning the call make sure to check for any software updates. You don’t want the updates to start downloading in the middle of the conference. Reboot your computer, open the software, and ensure that everything is functioning smoothly. If you have time, make a trial call so that you can be prepared for the video conference.
  • Whether you are the host or a participant, make sure to join early to avoid unpredictable challenges. Make sure that your microphone and video camera are working properly. Joining the meeting early will also ensure that your net connectivity is stable.
  • Position yourself before the centre of the webcam to get a clear image. Sit up straight with your upper body showing, remember to have a smile on your face and be presentable.
  • Make sure to keep your cameras properly so that it allows your head to remain in a neutral position. It provides a flattering angle for your face as well as avoids distractions caused by bad camera placement. Keep eye contact at eye level.
  • There are many websites and platforms available for video conferencing and all participants may not be familiar with those. So, take time to briefly familiarize your audience with the platform before beginning your meeting. Invite people to ask questions by posting to the group board or message directly. This will reduce unnecessary noise and distractions. Some popular platforms for video conferencing are:
    • Skype: It allows you to create a one-to-one video conferencing or group conferencing call for free. It also supports file sharing and screen sharing.
    • Google Hangouts: It lets you meet co-workers, customers and partners on the same page easily. It is easily accessible through Chrome toolbar, Gmail, Inbox, and is available on Android and iOSapps.
    • ezTalks meetings: It allows you to hold online meetings with up to 100 participants and supports unlimited meeting times.
    • ooVoo: It allows free video conference calls and you can have 12 people join the same video conference call at a time. You can also share photos, make a capture by recording, and send text message.
    • Zoom: It helps you to have a 50 person face to face online meeting which lasts for 40 minutes. It also displays the video conferencing with HD videos and HD voices so that watch each other’s body language clearly.
  • Effective conversation eliminates unnecessary silence that can have a negative impact. Speak fluently with necessary pauses so that listeners can connect with what is being said. Excessive silence is amateur or awkward. Communicate with your team members if you have any technical difficulties. Keep your screen open so that they can see what is shared.
  • Avoid typing while you are on video: Typing can create disturbing noises and it shows that you are not fully paying attention to the meeting. So it is better to use a pen and paper to write down the notes.
  • Do not eat during the meeting. It can be very distracting and also shows that you are disrespectful.
  • If you are travelling or working from home, there may be disruptions. So the first rule is to keep these acts to a minimum and also notify the group by excusing yourself politely.
  • Keep the meeting right-sized because too many people can create confusion whereas fewer people ensures higher collaborations and better participation.
  • Make sure to use common courtesies like paying attention to the speaker, minimizing multi-tasking and refraining from interrupting. Good manners can help you build business relationships.
  • Make sure to keep your background professional. Keep it neat with a nice painting, books or ornamental shelves with your personal touch.
  • Wear office attire during meeting. Make sure to dress appropriately for the meeting. Avoid loud patterns or colors and accessories like jewellery or scarves as it can distract you as well as the team members.
  • Be aware of your background noises as it can be a disturbance. Choose a silent place for your video conference. If you are wearing a Bluetooth headset, then it may pick up even minor sounds. Though video conferencing can be done anywhere, it is always better to choose a well-designed meeting space. Make sure that you have optimal lighting too.
  • Make sure to record the video for absent colleagues. Record video calls and transcribe them to accurate notes so that absent colleagues can refer to it at their convenience.

Video conferencing allows to hold meetings face to face without people having to travel from one location to another. Transcribing the minutes of video conferencing helps to derive the actionable data of a conference. It helps to record every details of the only the important details of the meeting. With the help of reputable general transcription providers, the minutes of your meeting can be transcribed quickly and efficiently without any error.

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