Tips to Improve Conference Calls and Participant Engagement

by | Published on Apr 4, 2017 | Conference Call Transcription

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 Improve Conference CallsBy connecting three or more people in different geographic locations, conference calls have improved business communications. Conference call transcription services ensure documentation of conference call recordings, allowing the content to be archived, accessed, and shared. Today, it’s not only businesses that are using this communication tool. The Christian Science Monitor recently reported that several Republican lawmakers are avoiding town hall meetings and using “tele-town halls” to communicate with their constituents, citing concerns about protests that interrupt live events.

Useful as it is, there are many factors that can distort conference calls, make them ineffective, and affect meeting transcription quality. Here are some tips from Fast Company and other reliable sources to improve the quality of your audio/video conference:

  • Make it interesting: Make sure the content is engaging and keeps participants interested. Pep it up with some light humor. Allow for question time – using a centralized Q&A functionality will enable participants to submit questions when they want to, instead of having to wait till the conference call ends.
  • Encourage the use of short sentences: People find it difficult to follow long, complex sentences. So keep them short and encourage others to do so too. This will also improve listener engagement and keep boredom at bay.
  • Use the poll feature: The poll feature in video conferencing allows you take the pulse of your meeting. This feature allows your audience to pick the content and also to engage and connect with you during your presentation. You can also get them to rate your presentation with a quick poll.
  • Use hand gestures: While no one is going to see your hand gestures in an audio conference, use them to give your dialogue greater emphasis and effect. Gestures can add color and feeling to your voice.
  • Control your voice: Teleconferencing systems volume controls may not be perfect and could make you sound too loud or too quiet. So control your voice with the help of a phone app. There are several free options that measure the decibel level of your speaking voice and testing on one will help you adjust your voice.

Mobile conferencing is on the rise, but in a recent survey, 82 percent of respondents admitted to working on unrelated items while on a conference call. The strategies listed above can help prevent this and keep participants interested in what you are you are saying. For superior conference transcripts, choose an experienced digital transcription service company.

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