Different Types of Legal Transcription Services

by | Published on Oct 4, 2012 | Transcription Services

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Legal records are very important for the functioning of any legal organization. Usually transcriptionists listen to audio files containing legal data and type it into a document. Sometimes transcription is also done from videos.

Different Types of Transcription

Technical Documents

One type of legal transcription involves technical documents. The documents used are passports, birth certificates, affidavits, wills and pleadings. This type of transcription is from text to text.

Civil and Criminal

It involves the transcription of the audio and video recordings of hearings, interrogations, and witness / victim interviews into editable file formats.


Seminars, lectures, and conferences are also transcribed into reports.

Audio Transcription is offered for dictations of

  • Legal letters
  • Court proceedings
  • Court transcripts
  • Reports
  • Memorandums
  • Licensing Appeals
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Annual and general meetings
  • Arbitrations

Audio files are converted into text using the latest technologies. The documents should not contain any mistakes because they are to be used for various legal procedures. The quality and readability of the transcribed file is important.

Outsourcing legal transcription can certainly reduce the workload and related stress for legal entities. However, outsourcing is to be done to the right service provider that provides quality legal transcription solution at affordable pricing. When looking for legal transcription services, the turnaround time offered by the transcription firm should be given prime consideration.

It is best to go for legal transcription companies providing trial offer for their services. Checking out the services is the best way to evaluate the company before committing to utilize their services.

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