Media Transcription Benefits for TV Shows and Commercials [INFOGRAPHIC]

by | Published on May 27, 2022 | Infographics | 0 comments

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Communicating message clearly is important to expand the audience base and increase interaction, mainly for commercials and TV shows. Media transcription services are available to convert audio and video recordings of TV shows, advertisements, documentaries, etc. which can instantly improve the content’s visibility and accessibility. Including transcripts and subtitles with video, ads can maximize interaction and help you reach a larger audience instantly. Partnering with a company specializing in media transcription can provide top-quality time-coded transcripts for documentaries, movies, TV shows, podcasts, interviews, radio broadcasts, and unedited footage.

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Check out the infographic below

Media Transcription Benefits

Even the content can be repurposed for different uses with advertisement transcription. Businesses can also promote products/services in newspapers and magazines as well as on your company’s social media platforms and email marketing campaigns. Hearing impaired individuals can use these transcripts to access and engage with audio/video content like commercials and TV shows. However, video content that combines both visual and audio media, requires closed captions and audio description for full accessibility. An experienced audio transcription company can ease the workload, with services from skilled transcribers and editors. They also insert time stamps at specific intervals such as the beginning and end of the edit, or use time codes to mark each line.