Benefits of Interactive Transcripts for Video Marketing

by | Published on Sep 5, 2023 | Infographics | 0 comments

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Videos are a great marketing tool for businesses that use various types of videos to showcase their products/services. When generating video and audio content for marketing purposes, it is important for businesses to ensure it is interactive and engaging for their audience. Consider including searchable interactive transcripts to make it easy for people to consume the content easily. Professional video transcription services can convert the visual content into text using and thus post the transcripts, captions and subtitles along with the videos. Transcripts provide diverse benefits and it mainly helps search engines to index the content easily. Users can also search for a particular word within a video easily. Transcripts can make your video content more engaging.

Enhancing User Engagement with Interactive Transcripts

Optimizing video transcripts will ensure that the video content is seen by more people who are looking for your products/services, which can increase leads, conversions and marketing ROI. In an interactive transcript, the transcript section appears in sync with the video. Navigation option allows users to go to a specific section in the video file. Transcripts also feature timestamps for each word and highlight words as they are spoken in real-time. Users can click on the timeline to go directly to those words in the video. It makes videos more searchable and keeps users engaged as they read and hear the content at the same time.

Professional media transcription companies can provide interactive transcripts and captions for all types of audio and video content. With quality transcripts, you can repurpose the content into blogs, articles, reports and whitepapers and share it more effectively.

Check out the infographic below

Interactive Transcripts for Video Marketing