What are Interactive Transcripts and How Do They Improve Video Marketing?

by | Published on Feb 15, 2022 | Media Transcription, Transcription Company

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What are Interactive Transcripts and How Do They Improve Video Marketing?

A picture says a thousand words and videos, obviously, can go even further. Hubspot reported that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Videos are a great marketing tool and businesses use various types of videos to showcase their products/services. Converting the audio-visual content into text using media transcription services and posting the transcripts, captions and subtitles along with the videos will help search engines find the content easily. Using interactive transcripts can take video marketing to the next level. Interactive transcripts allow users to search for a particular word within a video.

Interactive Transcripts Explained

Video transcription is one of the most effective ways of getting the word out about your business. Optimizing your video transcripts will ensure that your content is seen by more people who are looking for your products/services, which can increase leads, conversions and marketing ROI.

Customized interactive transcripts boost your video marketing efforts by offering viewers a better experience. In an interactive transcript, the transcript section appears in sync with the video. You can use the transcript’s navigation option to go to a specific section in the video file.

Interactive transcripts of videos come with timestamps for each word and highlight words as they are spoken in real-time. By clicking on the timeline, users can go directly to those words in the video. They can also click on any word in the transcript and go to that portion in the video. The timed-text approach make videos searchable and keep users engaged as they read and hear the content at the same time.

Features and Benefits of Interactive Transcripts
Interactive transcripts come with features that make the source material more engaging and increase the retention of the content.

    • Time-stamping of words or phrases:  Both interactive and standard transcripts appear alongside the audio-visual content. The difference is that, in the interactive transcript, a word or phrase is highlighted when it appears in the video or audio material by adding a timestamp.
    • Two types:  There are two types of interactive transcripts: those that highlight specific spoken words and those that highlight an entire paragraph.
    • Control over the text:  Interactive transcripts provide text-based control. By using the text as a navigation tool, users have more control over what they watch. When the user clicks on a word or phrase, the video will start playing from that specific word or phrase. This also improves engagement with the material.
    • Improved searchability saves time:  As interactive transcripts offer control over the text, users don’t have to scroll the entire transcript to search for a specific piece of content. This helps save a lot of time.
    • Adjustable captions improve search on mobile devices:  Interactive transcripts with adjustable captions will resize to match different screen sizes. This improves readability and contributes to greater engagement with the content.
    • Better understanding:  As users have text to follow along with the video, it is easier to understand and focus on what is being said in the source material.
    • Improves accessibility: Users can watch the video and understand the content even if they are watching it in a noisy environment. Interactive videos also improve accessibility for people with hearing impairments.
    • Boosts SEO and marketing: Providing interactive transcripts with your marketing videos will boost SEO. Search engines can easily find and index videos when they are accompanied by transcripts. Videos will rank higher in SERPs for relevant keywords when they have interactive transcripts.

Steps to Create an Interactive Transcript

    • Access the Interactive Transcript option from the Share window for the video/audio file.
    • Click the Media options icon for the video/audio file to be shared. Then go to the Share window by clicking “Share.”
    • Click “Embed Code” on the Share window to get the options for generating an embed code.
    • Check the “Interactive Transcript” box to have the transcript appear alongside the player when embedded.
    • When the video/audio is embedded with Interactive Transcript turned on, each line of the transcript will appear on the right.
    • When a line on the interactive transcript is clicked, the playback will go to that section.
    • Type into the search transcript field on the upper side of the interactive transcript, and you can see all lines that match your search. Click on any of these lines to jump to that segment.
    • You can make edits to the content if permissions are available.

While these steps are simple, keep in mind that setting up interactive transcripts is easier with expert help when you have large volumes of audio and video content.

Businesses that generate video and audio content for marketing purposes should make sure that it is interactive and engaging for their audience. Searchable, clickable interactive transcripts make this possible by helping people consume the content easily. When you have a lot of audio-visual content, the best way to make the most of your marketing efforts is to partner with a media transcription company Experts can provide interactive transcripts and captions for all types of audio and video content. With quality transcripts, you can repurpose the content into blogs, articles, reports and whitepapers and share it more effectively.

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