Benefits of Transcripts for E-Learning Videos

by | Published on Jun 20, 2023 | Infographics | 0 comments

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The education sector has created growth opportunities for the e-learning market. To be effective, eLearning videos have to be well-scripted, well-produced, and meet the desired learning objectives. While creating and uploading e-learning videos, it is important for educational institutions to include transcripts with them. Video transcription is one of the many services provided by academic transcription agencies and provides diverse benefits. Viewers can refer to the transcripts instead of watching the video multiple times to better comprehend the lesson.

By providing interactive transcripts or captions for all e-learning videos, institutions can demonstrate their commitment to digital inclusion. Short e-learning videos are also easy to access anytime, anywhere. Well-crafted e-learning videos and professional academic transcription services help educators improve access to their courses and enhance the student experience.

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E-Learning Videos Need Transcripts