8 Best Tools to Improve Legal Writing [INFOGRAPHIC]

by | Published on Sep 13, 2022 | Infographics | 0 comments

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Lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals require writing skills to effectively communicate their legal opinions and to argue cases. Strong legal writing skills help to effectively present legal arguments in documents such as briefs and legal memoranda. There are different types of legal documents such as pleadings, correspondence, motions, legal memorandums, interrogations, agreements and discovery. Good legal writing skills are needed for both legal analysis and legal drafting.  When producing documents for presentation in court or to convey information to clients, legal entities must confirm that the documents are in a standard format, while ensuring error-free content. Professional legal transcription services can provide the right support for lawyers who need to convert audio/video recordings of various proceedings into text format. 

Today, there are a wide range of digital writing tools that could prove very useful to legal teams. Whether the concern is to prepare inter-office memoranda and letters to clients, or creating documents for presentation to a court or administrative agency on behalf of a client, or drafting legal documents such as contracts and wills, legal writing tools can help improve your writing. Make sure to choose a competent legal transcription company, for creating typed versions of recorded audio and video content.

Check out the infographic below

Tools to Improve Legal Writing