Zoom Offers AI-powered Call Transcription for Businesses

by | Published on Jun 11, 2021 | General Transcription

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Business meetings are essential in any business organization where many critical decisions are made that have an impact on the growth of the company. The agenda of a meeting could be project execution, or financial planning; or some important strategies and news may be discussed in the meeting. Typically, business meetings are transcribed with the support of general transcription services and the transcripts are maintained as a record, and for future reference.

Importance of Transcribing Business Meetings

Meeting minutes and notes are made by an assigned staff member but sometimes there are chances of missing out some significant points. The best alternative is to make an audio recording of the meeting and have it accurately transcribed by professional transcriptionists. This ensures that all that happened during the meeting are precisely documented. The text version of a recorded meeting contains each and every point discussed in the meeting. These transcripts can be distributed among the employees and to those who were not able to attend the meeting.

Zoom Meetings During COVID 19

With the outbreak of COVID 19, many companies have shifted to work from home policy. Many businesses are now using Zoom meetings to conduct their business conferences. Zoom is an easy tool that allows you to conduct video conferencing and messaging across any device. Businesses can conduct brainstorming sessions, review meetings, interviews, and also plan and delegate tasks. Zoom also provides the ability to record the video of your meeting and thus eliminates the burden of note-taking during the meeting. You can schedule a meeting on Outlook, Gmail, or iCal and set reminders for it. This app can be used on desktop as well as mobile phones to connect with other people.

Dubber Provides AI-powered Call Transcription and Analysis to Zoom

An Australian voice AI developer’s Unified Call Recording will be integrated into Zoom to automatically record and process the audio of the call, giving the popular communications company an array of new tools to attract enterprise clients after a year of massively increased use.
Zoom Dubber is a software tool within the Zoom App Marketplace that helps to transcribe any call over Zoom for both audio and video recordings. AI can not only transcribe but also detect emotional tones and sentiments within the text. This feature was developed especially for enterprises and government organizations that require collecting and delving into their communications.

According to Dubber CEO Steve McGovern, Unified Call Recording with Zoom reflects the way employees work today from anywhere, and across many devices and solutions. Many use Zoom to conduct business meetings, and the ability to capture recordings from Zoom and manage them centrally in the Voice Intelligence Cloud demonstrates the true value of Unified Call Recording.

Recording, transcribing, and analyzing calls have gained popularity over the past few years. These tools are unlikely to disappear any time soon because these can be used even after the businesses reopen. Dubber collects the recordings, companies can then improve the content with AI transcription, sentiment information, real-time-search, and other features.

Due to the advancement in automated voice-to-speech technology, many believe that machines will replace human transcribers. Although AI-generated transcription is much quicker and saves time, it is prone to error. The human ear can detect a series of external factors and they are more adept at filtering out background noise. But AI transcripts are likely to misunderstand, omit, or completely skip words.

According to an article published by Electronic Specifier, a study was conducted in 2018 that found Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to have problems with accuracy when identifying different accents irrespective of how fluent the speaker’s English might be – accuracy dropped by 2.6% with speakers with a Chinese accent and by as much as 4.2% for Spanish accents. So, this shows that AI-generated transcripts are not accurate and this is a major disadvantage compared to human transcriptionists who can assure accuracy of 99 to 100 percent.

Business meetings and seminars contain highly refined thoughts and educative materials which need to be documented and captured carefully using business transcription. Important talks and discussions are common for any business setup and these talks can be recorded and transcribed into well-structured text and maintained for future reference. Many crucial decisions are taken during a meeting and to keep a tab on all important decisions taken in the meeting, consider hiring a general transcription service, to record the meeting and transcribe it into accurate notes.

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