Why You Should Transcribe Your YouTube Videos

by | Published on Jun 9, 2015 | Media Transcription

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Transcribe YouTube VideosCreating videos for YouTube is an efficient promotional tool and most businesses (small, medium and large) are using this as a great way to reach their clients. They either simply upload their videos on YouTube site or embed them on their websites. However, if you want to achieve real success with YouTube videos, you should transcribe your videos and add it along with the videos. This will help your viewers understand the content more thoroughly, especially in the case of interviews and tutorials.

Let’s imagine a situation when you have bookmarked a video tutorial about how to use your latest product and the consumer finds it too difficult to stream your video due to a slow internet connection while the tutorial is urgent. Your video will be annoying to the consumers rather than helpful. If the transcription is available, they can really benefit from it. Text transcription also helps consumers to take note of the key points from the video presentation. Apart from this, YouTube video transcription has two crucial benefits such as:

  • SEO Purpose – Your videos will appear in Google and YouTube search results for specific keywords only if you add tags and descriptions. If you choose the right keywords, tags and descriptions, your videos will get noticed by more number of people. With transcription, the search engines can identify your entire content apart from the tags and description so that it will attract a wider audience. For example, if the tags and description include ‘transcription service’ and content contains the expression ‘documentary transcription,’ the search engine identifies the extra keyword ‘documentary’ and provides more relevant results useful for more people. If the video transcript is added to your website, it will further boost your site traffic. However, you should avoid keyword spamming, use keywords relevant to your corresponding landing pages and focus on delivering valuable content that is not available in other videos to create transcripts with SEO value.
  • Boost Digital Marketing – Integrating creative storytelling into videos is a great digital marketing strategy that has been successfully utilized in recent years. Using narratives along with the videos takes a storytelling approach and serves as a powerful communication tool to engage with your consumers. As more users find it interesting to read the content and watch the video, you can achieve your online marketing goals easily.

When it comes to transcription, YouTube provides a cheap and cheerful transcription service for its video files. Viewers have to click the transcription button on YouTube video and wait between two and 30 minutes (wait time depends on the length of the video) to see the text captions. This may not be very accurate or even readable. If you have to communicate an important message, obtain accurate transcription of your video’s audio. It is also very helpful to transcribe each and every detail in the video, especially in the case of interviews and talk shows. Professional transcription companies provide the service of an efficient QA team consisting of proofreaders and editors so that you can have much more accurate transcripts.

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