Why You Should Choose YouTube over Conference Calls

by | Published on Mar 31, 2017 | Conference Call Transcription

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Conference CallsBusiness transcription agencies provide documentation solutions for various corporate activities and events, including conference calls and meetings. Recent reports indicate that videoconferencing is trending as it offers many advantages over conference calls. A recent CISCO study estimates that video will constitute more than 80 percent of internet traffic by 2020, mostly as a result of live streaming on social media.

A recent article in Forbes recommends YouTube over conference calls, and provides real-life  examples of how YouTube actually increased engagement, teamwork and collaboration, personal connection in a company with a geographically spread out workforce. Video conferencing resolved the challenges posed by different time zones, an area where conference calls fail. Posting videos on updates, team member promotions, and announcements about new accounts to a private YouTube channel keeps the team informed about the latest developments.  Employees could take the video home and digest the information in their own time.

It’s only going to get better. TechCrunch recently reported that Amazon has launched Chime, a video conferencing and communications service for business. The basic option is free for video calls and chat rooms between two users.

So it’s obvious that video communication is taking over the workplace. Video allows the face-to-face communication that a conference call cannot. Here are the many benefits that video conferencing offers businesses.

  • Improves collaboration and productivity: A by Fraunhofer Institute found that teams who used video conferencing to collaborate for work were more productive than those that used email and phone. Participants felt that video conferences led to joint decisions more than the non-visual forms of communication. Moreover, employees can view video clips on their schedule, which cam maximize their productivity and improve focus.
  • Bridges distances effectively: With a distributed workforce, video is a much more effective way of bridging distances and connecting people. Video conferencing promotes team building and slows you to include as many participants as you want.
  • Builds a personal connection with the audience: You can catch the attention of your audience better in a video conference, the simple reason being that people consume visual content better. Video allows viewers to experience your tone, emotions, and expressions, which helps you to convey your message more effectively.
  • Bring in an expert: In consultations and training sessions, video allows you to bring in an expert easily. This will save time and money on travel between locations.
  • Interviews made easier: Video has expanded the possibilities for conventional HR tasks such as interviews, onboarding, orientation, benefits presentations and more. Video conferencing systems save expenses and time by bringing candidates into the nearest facility and allowing interviews to be conducted over video and in person. With video transcription service, the video recording can be transcribed, allowing those who cannot be part of the live interview process to evaluate the candidate.

Today, leveraging video internally is not difficult. Most smartphones and tablets have quality cameras, and if there is no background noise, audio quality would be ample. Reliable business transcription services are available to document your meetings for proper record keeping.

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