Why are Voicemails Crucial for Small Businesses?

by | Published on Oct 6, 2015 | Telephone Transcription

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VoicemailsWith the increased use of smartphones, more people are turning to texting rather than talking. You might have heard of several big companies ditching voicemails as a result of this trend to increase productivity. But, actually voicemails and their conversion to texts via accurate telephone transcription are really helpful for small businesses. Voice communication is crucial for running any kind of small businesses. You need to talk directly to your customers and suppliers to improve your business growth. By replying to voicemails you can stay directly in touch with them, not miss their calls and improve your sales.

The other major benefits of using voicemails are:

  • Flexible and Cheaper Option – While running a small business, you may be on a tight budget. Voicemails are a flexible and cheaper option to stay connected with your clients, thanks to VoIP technology. This technology provides the option of streaming communications at a cheaper cost.
  • Build a More Dynamic Team – With VoIP technology your employees can always communicate with customers regardless of their location or preferred method. This technology allows the calls to be sent to desk phone and smartphone simultaneously so that the employee can receive the calls from any location. Your employees in several locations can also communicate each other without costly long distance fees. Overall, this will increase your productivity.
  • Clients Can Give More Details – Unlike written messages, voicemail messages that run for minutes and hours allow clients to leave concrete messages that cover all aspects of their calls. This will help to better prepare for the calls when you call back and provide them with more effective solutions.

Why Voicemail Transcription Is Vital

  • When your employees need to participate in an important meeting or do some other urgent work, it will be difficult for them to choose between the call and meeting/urgent work as the voicemails may or may not be important. With voicemail transcription, employees can check voicemail without listening to the entire message and distinguish urgent calls from solicitations / telemarketers.
  • With voicemail transcription, you can screen important calls from unwanted or non-priority calls.
  • In the case of traditional voicemail, you may need to listen to the message again from the start to end if you miss some piece of information. With voicemail transcripts, you can quickly find the information you missed. You can even share the information with your colleagues quickly by sending them via e-mail.
  • Voicemail transcription is accessible from any e-mail enabled devices. You can reply to the caller via e-mail as well.

By using automated technology, you can keep your voicemail transcription confidential. However, it may not be as accurate as you expected. You can consider the help of transcription service companies to generate more accurate transcripts and maintain confidentiality at the same time.

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